AEG Coffee Machines

aeg cofee machines

Coffee is a perfect beverage. It quickens our mind and refreshes our mood to concentrate more on the job. In the past, it took several minutes to make a coffee. Also it dumped at least three to four beakers in dishwasher. But now, making a coffee is an easy task. The coffee machines have made it so. It not only saves time but also blanks the use of tumblers or beakers. Coffee machines give perfectly mixed coffees.


There are several companies in the United Kingdom, who manufacture Coffee machines. Those companies like, Bosch, Belling, Baumatic, etc. have established themselves as premiere brands. Apart from those local brands, the companies from other nations and continents are also marketing their coffee machines inside the United Kingdom. Panasonic, SMEG, Sharp, LG, Samsung are some them.


The full form of AEG is 'Allgemeine Electricitäts Gesellschaft.' The initial name of AEG was 'Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft' (DEG). Its base, when it got started in 1883, was a tiny workshop owned by Emil Rathenau, an engineer by profession. It was renamed as AEG in 1887. It was acquired by Electrolux in 1994. Electrolux is a well established leader in the appliance industry. Thus the company was named AEG- Electrolux.


Given are some models of Coffee Machines from AEG-Electrolux. These coffee machines are aimed for house use.


  1. PE9038A AEG-Electrolux Coffee Machine
  2. PE8039M AEG-Electrolux Built in coffee machine
  3. PE9039M AEG-Electrolux Built in coffee machine
  4. PE8039M Integrated Coffee Machine AEG-Electrolux Integrated Coffee Machine

These integrated models of coffee machines, brings home Italian Espresso flair coffees.


AEG-Electrolux CG 6400 Coffee Machine is a commercial brewing and coffee machine. It is elegant in design and function.


All customers of AEG-Electrolux coffee machines love the design and style of the products. However they did not give full regards to ease of operation, durability, service and support and money value. The prices of the house use models are given below.


  1. PE9038A- Cheapest Price: £718.00
  2. PE8039M- Cheapest Price: £845.00
  3. PE9039M- Cheapest Price: £847.00
  4. PE8039M(Integrated)- Cheapest Price: £834.97


The above facts clarifies that AEG-Electrolux coffee machines are nice machines and truly useful. Once you own it, you will know the difference in your life.


It is often difficult to take a decision on “which coffee machine to buy.” You may see a number of brands and models with similar prices and features. You will get hung up in confusion, if you go alone to buy coffee machines. In this website, we help you to choose the best coffee machine for your house. Here we offer varied services for you like, addresses of cheaper stores, features of AEG-Electrolux coffee machines, customer reviews and so on. We wish you a happy shopping time.