Bosch Coffee Machines


Coffee is a good beverage. It refreshes your mind and body. In olden days, it took long time to make a coffee. Also it will pull lot of beakers into the dishwasher. But today, coffee making is much easier. It is just half a minute job. Yes, the coffee machine made it possible for us. They are machines which can make quick and delightful coffees. Let us have a look at Bosch Coffee Machines.


Bosch was established in the year 1886 by Robert Bosch. The starting of Bosch was humble. It was begun as a small workshop for electrical engineering and precision mechanics. The workshop was set at Stuttgart in Germany. When their product- Bosch low-voltage magneto- clicked well in stationary engines and motor vehicles, Bosch became very popular in the Europe. Then, it expanded its operation outside Germany by setting up an office at Denham, Buckinghamshire, in the United Kingdom in 1898. That was the beginning of all operations of Bosch in the United Kingdom and other countries across the world.


Bosch is now a world wide company. It has its operation in all the continents. Coffee Machines of Bosch are the small paraphernalia that Bosch boasts off in its vast kingdom of engineering industry. The special features of Bosch Coffee Machines are BRITA Water Filter Technology, Quiet Brew Technology, Cup Stand Illumination and LCD display. The number of drink varieties that can be added is nine. The varieties include Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Latte Macchiato, Caffè Crema, Espresso, and Tea.


Some of the models of Bosch Coffee machines are,


  1. TAS8520GB Hot drinks machine (Aluminium) with Brita water filtration   
  2. TAS6515GB Hot drinks machine (Titanium) with Brita water filtration   
  3. TAS4011GB Hot drinks machine (Silver)
  4. TAS4012GB Hot drinks machine (Black)  
  5. TAS4013GB Hot drinks machine (Red)


The cheapest price of each model is as given below,


    1. TAS8520GB- Price: £135.00 - £160.00 
    2. TAS6515GB- Price: £115.00 - £180.00
    3. TAS4011GB- Price: £65.00 - £140.00
    4. TAS4012GB- Price: £70.00 - £145.00
    5. TAS4013GB- Price: £75.00 - £145.00


The customers love their Bosch coffee machine. They praise the technology and the taste of coffee it prepares. Some customers complain that the litres of coffee they get at a time are very less. But it is a hard to tell that Bosch Coffee Machines are bad.


After going through all the details, you can assure that Bosch Coffee Machines are good and worth buying. There are no hardcore criticisms against Bosch Coffee Machines.


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