De Dietrich Coffee Machine


When you hear about the coffee machines one of the names that come to your mind might be De Dietrich. It is a very old company with a recorded history of more than 300 years. It is run by the family called De Dietrich in France. The name is bestowed on the family by King Louis XV of France.


De Dietrich started as a forging workshop in 1684. Later, it started ornamental ironworks, rail rolling stocks and steelworks. It was in 1910 that they started manufacturing the home appliances; the first product being Mertzwiller Cooker. Now they have wide range of home appliances in the deck. There are Washing Machines, Oven, Hobs, Hoods, Dishwashers, Cooling Machines, Coffee Machines, etc, which are stamped with the name De Dietrich.


De Dietrich is a member of MCC (Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa), the world’s largest corporate group with the base in Spain. There are around 220 companies in MCC. Thus De Dietrich has strong influence in the appliance industry. In addition, its presence in MCC is a signature for their superb performance.


One of the chief products of De Dietrich is Coffee Machines. Appreciated by a number of coffee cognoscente, De Dietrich has established itself as a premier in the coffee maker's list. The only model of De Dietrich, which is available in the stores, is DED700X. It is a fully automatic and integrated coffee machine. It has touch controls which enable smooth operation and programming. Some of the other features are given below,


 LED display
 Coffee bean grinder
 Coffee bean holder
 Water tank
 Coffee warning light
 Water warning light
 2 heating elements
 Front access to coffee & water containers
 Built-in drawer
 Drip tray


  DED700X has three choices to select from- Regular, Tall Coffee and Espresso. The Coffee maker has the option for one and two-cup preparation. The steam jet in it makes frothing convenient. The end result of all these features is a perfect, aromatic, frothing coffee or cappuccino. Starting the day with a coffee from De Dietrich coffee maker unleashes your senses for a bright new day.


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