Electrolux Coffee Machine


Coffee is the most liked beverage in the world. It refreshes your mood and awakens a sleepy eye. Compared to the past days, coffee making is much easier today. It is because of the finding of the coffee machines. While it takes more than fifteen minutes to cook the coffee without using a coffee machine, it takes only one minute to cook coffee using a coffee machine. This is remarkable because both the employed and the non-employed find it helpful in saving their time.


There are manifold numbers of companies in the United Kingdom, who are indulged in the manufacturing of coffee machines. It is difficult to compare each one of them as they are special in their own make. All of them aim to provide the best coffee machines to the consumers. In short words, there is no exception in quality and technology, while taking into consideration each company’s products.


One among those brands is Electrolux. They are leaders in the manufacturing of household appliances. It was constituted by Axel Wenner-Gren, in 1912. The beginning of Electrolux was with the production of vacuum cleaner, which was named Lux. In 1925, they brought absorption refrigerator system in the market. That marked the era of Electrolux’s growth. They have services in all continents and took over brands such as AEG, Frigidaire, and Eureka. The Electrolux coffee machines are samples for their precise engineering skills.


There are two models of Electrolux Coffee Machines available in the stores. Both of them are built-in coffee machines. They are designed to fit perfectly into the kitchen gallery range of Electrolux. The model names are, EBA60002X and EBA60010X. The first one is a fully automatic coffee machine and the company has discontinued its production. The latter one is built-in Expresso range coffee machine. It has a stylish stainless steel finishing.


The coffee machines of Electrolux have the following added features which makes them different from others.


  • Accessory Drawer
  • Brita Water Filter
  • Coffee Bean Grinder
  • Coffee Press
  • Water Tank
  • Electronic Touch Controls
  • Halogen Light
  • Installation: built-in
  • Pre-programmed coffee
  • RoHS compliant product
  • Steam/ Water spout


The consumer reviews does not say anything shallow about Electrolux products. It indicates that the Electrolux coffee machines are good systems.


There is much to ponder before you go and buy a coffee machine. You should have a clear knowledge about the company’s profile, the features and consumer reviews of the model you are going to buy. If you are to do it by yourself, it will consume a major part of your time. Here we are to help you distinguish the apt coffee machine for your kitchen. This makes your job easy and simple. Therefore enjoy shopping through our website.