Smeg Coffee Machines


If you are a coffee lover, you will definitely want to own a coffee machine. Whether you’re looking for a simple espresso machine for a low price or a highly priced one we are here to help you. Our website will assist you to find the best coffee machine that suits your needs.


Coffee machines are used to brew coffee without having to boil water in a separate container. There are many types of coffee machines, including: automatic, French press, stove top, espresso, vacuum and the pod. These machines will either be hot or cold brew coffee makers. Many companies manufacture machines used for making coffee, including: Bosch, Electolux, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Neff, Siemens, Smeg, etc. These machines are available in many colours and sizes. They are made of a durable plastic or stainless steel containing a shatterproof glass carafe. The features offered include: electric timers, filters, frothing systems, thermal glass carafe, water reservoir, lighted on/off switch, digital/programmable, warming plate and thermostat.


Smeg (Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla), base in Italy, is one of the oldest brands available in the market today. It was founded by Vittorio Bertazzoni in 1948. The basic yet modern design of Smeg products give them a longevity not seen in any other popular kitchen appliances or from the traditional brands. The classic designs and stylish looks have meant that they stay around much longer than other brands. All Smeg products have many years of research and effort behind them. The 15 year lifespan expected for the appliances comes through the in-house development, which is extensive considering the size of the company.


Smeg CMSC45NE Black Coffee Machine is a compact size with a reduced height of 45 cm which can easily fit in your kitchen .This coffee machine uses Beans or Ground Coffee to produce coffee. Hot Water Function is available for making Tea or Other Hot Drinks. Smeg Built in Classic Style Fully Automatic Coffee Machine is a Stainless steel coffee machine with 45cm reduced height. This coffee machine can make 1 or 2 cups of coffee at a time. There is Steam function for making cappuccino. It has a Multilanguage LCD display and 5 level program levels. Smeg CMSC45NE Smeg Linear Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, Smeg CMSC45NE, Smeg CMS45X Classic Fully Automatic Coffee machine, Smeg Cmsc45ne Built In Coffee Machine, Smeg CMS45X are the other models available with Smeg. These coffee machines are come under the price range of £800.00 - £1295.00


Today there is s vast range of Smeg coffee machines available in the market that can give an elegant touch to your kitchen. Through our website, , we can help you to find a wide range of Smeg coffee machines that suits your needs. You can also read the reviews posted by our previous customers. Comparing the price and different models of Smeg is a good option so that you can have a better view of the product you want to buy. The trendy designs from Smeg can provide a classy look to your kitchen that too at a reasonable and affordable price.