Baumatic Cooker Hoods


A cooker hood is used for the purpose of reducing cooking odors. They use two types of processes named ducted extraction and re circulation to clean the air. The Chimney, the Island Chimney, the Canopy, the slim line, the Integrated and the Conventional are the commonly used styles of cooker hood available in the market. Among them chimney is the most popular. Each one of them has their own advantages to choose with, but it is your individual preference gains importance at the point of selection.


A chimney hood has a brushed steel chimney and a glass canopy and it is designed to be mounted on the wall. They use with the process of ducted extraction. The island chimney also has almost the same structure and follows the same process, but is designed specifically for a larger island kitchen i.e. a kitchen which is open and is almost on the centre of the apartment. A canopy hood is designed to be placed into the base of a wall cupboard and operate from below. It will be hidden behind a standard cupboard door so that it may not be obtrusive. A Slim line cooker hood is small and can be used for both ducted and re-circulated extraction. Integrated cooker hoods are integrated into a furniture door and are suitable for ducted or re-circulating extraction. . The conventional hood is designed to fit under a kitchen unit to have easy access to the controls.


Baumatic, is a famous appliance manufacturers, who has quickly grown to a renowned worldwide Company, which has operations in 46 countries and continues to gain recognition with residential consumers across the globe. They are present in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East, and still in the process of expansion. They have a variety of products of their own, such as Dance partners home appliances, Built in ovens, Built in Hobs, Cookers, Cooker hoods, Micro wave ovens, Coffee machines, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Laundry accessories, Studio premium, Studio Solari etc.


Baumatic has a number of models available in Cooker hoods in different range of capacity and price. BT06.7ME, BT10.3BGL, BT6.3BGL, BT7.3BGL, BT9.3BGL, BTC6530BL, BTC6530SS, BTC6720SS, BTC6740SS, BTC6750GL, BTC 9530BL, BTC9530SS, BTC9740SS, etc are some of the models Baumatic offers for cooker hoods. Baumatic’s both BT 6.3 GL and BT 9.3 GL are chimney hoods, but keeps a price difference of ₤28.99.They have other models of chimney hoods such as BTC6720SS, BTL 103GL etc which has a price ranging from ₤ 77.0 to ₤ 168.97. TEL06SS is a slim line telescopic hood costs around ₤ 85.33. CAN 54SS is a canopy hood and BT06.7ME is an integrated hood which have different price ranges.


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