Cannon Cooker Hood


A cooker hood, otherwise known as kitchen extractor fan is a machine which is supposed to consume fumes, pollutants, and airborne grease to help you to get rid of 'used' air and to keep your environment clean and healthy. If you keep your doors and windows open you can get natural air movement, but for enclosed areas and smaller apartments we can’t expect such a natural air movement. As it is not good to breathe polluted air and vapors, we need to clean the air at any cost. Big apartments with an open kitchen also are subject to be fitted with a cooker hood.


Duct extraction and recirculation are the two ways to get the air ventilated in your kitchen. For an enclosed apartment, dusted extraction is recommended, whereas in bigger apartments, where the outside wall is far from the open kitchen, re circulation is more advisable to clean the used air. The technology of a cooker hood is simple. The blades inside the cooker spin when we switch it on, which will draw the stale air from your kitchen. There are different models of cooker hoods are available in the market. Popular among them include Chimney hoods, Canopy hoods, Island hoods, Integrated hoods, Conventional hoods etc.


Many manufacturers of cooker hoods are competing themselves in the market. Out of them, some companies made their identity as global players. One among those companies is Cannon who made a remarkable position for themselves in the field of home appliances market. Their expertise, showed in the whole ranges of home appliances, had a great effect in the whole Europe as well as in the world. Cannon has started as a small export business and has grown to become one of the world’s top world top home appliances manufacturers. Over the years they have understood a lot about the needs of the market and have raced up to its expectations in all its products.


The product range of cannon includes cooker hoods along with cookers and other home appliances products. BHC100SS, BHC60SS, BHC60K, BHC100K, BHC110, BHC90 etc are some of the models available in the cooker hood market by cannon. . BHC100SS is a stainless steel made chimney hood and costs around ₤272.00, BHC60SS is a 60cm Cooker Hood made of Stainless Steel and costs around ₤189.99, BHC60K is a cooker hood ₤188.00 , BHC100K is a 110cm Chimney Hood and its price is ₤399.99 and BHC110 is a 90cm Chimney hood which costs around ₤351.00.


Comparing the features against prices will give you a more clear picture of which one to buy and which one not to. But it is not features against price decide the best is for you. It is the design of your kitchen and the needs of the person who use it decide which one you should select. Now comparison is not a big problem for you like the earlier days. Now you have reached the best place to compare the cannon cooker hoods. You can even shop online for cannon products.