Chimney Cooker Hoods


A cooker hood is a device which can make your kitchen remain ventilated constantly- whatever the weather is like and whatever the shape and size of the room that it is ventilating. Many types of cooker hoods are available in the market. Among them six types are the most popular ones. They are Chimney hoods, Canopy hoods, Conventional hoods, integrated hoods, and Island hoods. Each and every type of cooker hoods has its specialties and advantages.


A chimney cooker hood is designed to be installed on the wall. A Canopy style hood is designed to be fit closely under an overhead canopy kitchen unit. The conventional hoods also are designed to fit under a kitchen unit to make them viable for easy access. An island cooker hood is suitable for an island kitchen, i.e. the kitchen which is situated in the centre of your apartment and is having a round shape. An integrated kitchen hood is hidden behind a furniture door and you need to pull it out when you need it. It is even useful for not only open kitchens but also closed kitchens also.


If you want the cooker hood to be on show even though your kitchen is short on space, then you can go for a chimney cooker hood. They make themselves allowing easy access to the controls. As discussed before, a chimney cooker hood is designed to be installed on the wall. A chimney cooker hood has a brushed steel chimney section and also a glass canopy. A 90cm wide chimney extractor hood is associated with it, and it is suitable only for ducted extraction and has three halogen lights installed with a dimming function to create an ambient setting.


The Island Chimney cooker hood is a derivation of a chimney cooker hood. It is also 90cm wide, but it is designed to hang over a larger island kitchen design. As in the case of a chimney cooker hood, an island chimney cooker hood also has a glass canopy and ducted extraction. The one and only difference between the Chimney hood and the Island Chimney hood is the way of installation inside the kitchen. Except this feature all the other specifications are very similar in terms of their efficiency and their ability to get the job done. The deciding factor is which will fit in better with the kitchen is decided by the design of the kitchen.


A lot of companies are in the field of manufacturing Chimney cooker hoods, such as AEG, Baumatic, Belling, Bosch, Candy, Cannon, Creda, Electrolux, Hoover, Hot point, Indesit etc. Since they compete each other, these cooker hoods are getting better on a daily basis with decorative purposes along with its functional purposes. Compare cheap can give you all the details of all these brands and also help to compare there features along with the prices.