Cooker Hood Filters


A cooker hood is a machine which is supposed to consume fumes, pollutants, and airborne grease to help you to get rid of 'used' air and to keep your environment clean and healthy. Keeping your doors and windows open can get you natural air movement, but it is not practical for enclosed areas and smaller apartments as it is not good to breathe polluted air and vapors. Even big apartments having an open kitchen are subject to have a cooker hood attached with it.


There are two ways to get the air ventilated in your kitchen; they are duct extraction and recirculation. For a small enclosed apartment, dusted extraction is a good way of ventilation, whereas in bigger areas where the outside wall is far from the open kitchen, the process of re circulation is the better way to clean the air, Such a cooker hood uses internal filters to clean the air. A kitchen extractor fan uses both grease filters and charcoal filters to consume the stinking smell. The metal grease filters on these fans can be washed in the dishwasher, taking the inconvenience out of hand washing the filters.


The working of the cooker hood is simple than we think it to be. When we switch on the cooker hood it will cause the fan's blades to spin, which will draw the stale air from your kitchen. If it is a ducted extractor, the air will be vented out and if it is a ductless extractor, the air will be taken through a filter and re circulated.


There are different types of cooker hood filters such as universal grease filter, grease filter, carbon filter; grease paper and charcoal fiber filter etc. A universal grease filter filters grease vapors along with other pollutant and smelling particles, produced during cooking. A grease filter re circulates grease vapors and it also prevents unseen stain particles. A carbon filter is more useful in a built in cooker hood. A grease paper and charcoal fiber filter is usually used a replacement cooker hood filter.


AEG, AWT, Ariston, Atag, Bauknecht, Baumatic, Neff, Philips, Brandt, Bosch, Candy, Cannon, Siemens, Whirlpool, Zanussi etc are some of the brands which offer a cooker hood filter. AEG’s HL-4150-ML cooker filter grid is the one of the best even though, it is a little bit expensive i.e. ₤ 59.99 whereas whirlpool products are very cheap as it is not up to the mark of expectance. Its Universal grease filter costs only ₤ 4.99 and whirl pool grease filter has a price of only ₤ 4.50 only.


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