Neff Cooker Hoods

neff cooker hoods

To make the living more happy, practical and comfortable, we use a lot of tools and accessories. Some are called as luxury since we can manage our life even without that particular tool. Some others are our needs, even though it doesn’t look like that. Cooker hoods are such a tool. It helps you to keep your environment clean and healthy. It is aesthetically pleasing and also having decorative qualities. A choice of cooker hood varies according to the size and design of your kitchen.


There are a variety of styles of cooker hoods are there for Neff to choose from the cooker hood range. Their products range from Series two to Series six. Neff offers series two as the most basic types of cooker hoods. Neff offers Series six with features which have the highest specification and they are more expensive. Neff cooker hoods keeps their variety in Island Chimney cooker hoods, Chimney cooker hoods, Canopy cooker hoods, Conventional cooker hoods, Telescopic cooker hoods and Conventional cooker hood designs and if you are aiming to make a feature out of your cooker hood, then the Chimney and Island Chimney styles are some of the options you can have a look in the range of cooker hoods available in Neff.


As the name suggests, the Island Chimney models from Neff, are also is designed to be suspended over a central island kitchen unit. Like every single model of Neff, their island chimney model also come in a wide variety of sizes and decorative textures, these variation of sizes include extra wide, which can make a difference in a large kitchen, but they would not be seem perfect in a smaller kitchen. If you want your cooker hood to be on show even though you do not have a large kitchen, you are recommended to go for a Chimney cooker hood. Chimney cooker hoods have models which look sleek and are available in a large range of sizes and textures, so that you can select one which matches itself up to your existing oven easily.


But some people do not want their cooker hood on show, but still they want the air in the kitchen to be fresh. In such a situation, you can try the Neff cooker hood models such as Canopy, Integrated, Conventional and Telescopic models etc. These models keep similarity in features in terms of practicality but the decision of selection depends in your preference of design and appearance. The Canopy style hoods fit closely under an overhead canopy kitchen unit so that they can be content and can help to save you some kitchen space. You can also make yourself assured that you have got a cooker hood which keeps you safe and healthy also saves you some more space inside the kitchen for you to use. Such a cooker hood is kept hidden on the back side of a furniture door and takes out when you need it.


The conventional hoods are another good option because they make themselves fit under a kitchen unit to have easy access to the controls. And last, but not the least are the Telescopic models. They are the smallest available cooker hoods from Neff and make your 'cosy' kitchen, a perfect one. The smaller kitchens are often benefit the most from having a cooker hood, because in such kitchens, there is not enough room for a natural ventilation. The telescopic hoods won’t take much space; it hangs on the wall and can be pulled out when you need them.


If you want to buy a Neff cooker hood, you can have more details about models and features from our website You can even shop online for Neff cooker hoods after having a comparison of them here.