SMEG Cooker Hoods

smeg cooker hoods

On the basis of process, Cooker hoods can be divided into two. They are the ones that extract the air to outside and the other one is the one that re circulates the air back into the room. Or we can name these processes as dust extraction and air recirculation. Both these types of cooker hoods have a filter which uses charcoal to trap the smells from the cooking.


If you placed your cooker in an outside wall then an externally vented cooker hood i.e. the one which uses dusted extraction as its process, is the best bet as the smells will get sent out of the kitchen. A cooker which re circulates the air is good for an internally placed cooker such as Island Chimney type.


On the basis of place to be installed and the design of the kitchen, they have again be classified into different other models such as Chimney hoods, Island Chimney hoods, Canopy hoods, Integrated Hoods, Conventional Hoods etc


All the major companies are producing cooker hoods, but you should make the choice of a cooker hood on the basis of your kitchen design, the one which matches to your cooker hood and also looks good. Selecting a cooker hood which is having the most famous brand name may not save the purpose of either cleaning or decorating your kitchen.


SMEG is an Italian based kitchen appliance manufacturer, established in 1948, by Vittorio Bertazzoni. SMEG or otherwise known as Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla began its business as a metal enameling factory. After two years of establishment they started manufacturing “Retro” refrigerators and became the leading manufacturers of home appliances in Italy. It is a family based company head quartered at Guastalla, Italy, owned by Bertazzoni family.


SMEG have wide range of kitchen appliances and utensils which include ovens, cookers, hobs, cooker hoods, sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry, fires, home gardens and other kitchen accessories. The products from Smeg are distinctive in all respect; they get produced with “Made in Italy” stamping, which is a sign of ingenious craftsmanship. SMEG cooker hoods are appreciated and also loved by all. They are simple and their design looks elegant.


SMEG cooker hoods are available in almost all parts of Europe. They have now widened their operations to cater the needs of customers all over Europe


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