Stainless Steel Cooker Hoods

stainless steel cooker hoods

Various models of Cooker hoods are available in the market. There is different criterion to classify these models. They are classified mainly on the basis of color, features, capacity, make and brand. The low end models of cooker hoods usually have enamel finishing, whereas the high-end models are given a finishing in stainless steel. The stainless steel cooker hoods have an elegant and rich look. So people, who love to have a different appearance for their kitchens, prefer stainless steel cooker hoods. So nowadays people are giving more importance to bring a difference in their life style and so the stainless steel cooker hoods are in great demand.


One of the major advantages of a stainless steel cooker hood is its durability and the color of the stainless steel has a universal matching. Even if you change the interiors of the kitchen the color of your cooker hood will not demand you to change it because stainless steel matches well with all colors. So, having a stainless steel cooker hood can save your money, effort and time, we need to spend for going in search for a new color cooker hood. It lasts longer when compared to normal enamel finishing. A scratch in the enamel finishing will reveal the dark coatings under it and take away all the good looking appearance and glamour of the cooker hood. But in the case of stainless steel microwave small scratches will not bring much damage to its looks.


There is a belief among the people that the stainless steel cooker hoods will leave the hand marks on its top and they need to keep it smoothen every time they touch the surface. It was a matter of factor in earlier days also, but now, the new models available in the market are well finished and will not make hand marks on it. So that these stainless steel cooker hoods will keep in good shining condition, always.


Most of the reputed brands available in the market are engaged in the production of the stainless steel cooker hoods. The well known home appliances making companies that include the manufacture of stainless steel cooker hoods are, Bosch cooker hoods, AEG cooker hoods, Sharp cooker hoods, SMEG cooker hoods, Stoves cooker hoods, Indesit cooker hoods, Whirlpool cooker hoods, belling cooker hoods, Electrolux cooker hoods and Zanussi cooker hoods. All of these brands have given an input of the best of their innovations and technologies to catch up with a proper output for their high end customers.


Smeg KEFV60 Hood Stainless Steel / Glass , Electrolux EFC70710 60cm Stainless Steel and Glass Canopy Chimney Hood Stainless Steel , Range master 60 Hood Stainless Steel + Chrome , Indesit H511 (Stainless Steel) Hood , Stoves Cooker Hood Stainless Steel 800GDP (H)600 x (W)800 x (D)490mm, Hotpoint HD93X -Stainless Steel 90cm Chimney Hood , BELLING Chim101 Stainless Steel Chimney Hood , Zanussi ZHC916X Stainless Steel 90cm Chimney Style Cooker Hood, Cannon BHC100 Hood (Stainless Steel) (BHC100), Stoves 1000DCP Hood Stainless Steel, Belling CHIM101 Hood Stainless Steel etc are some of the well known models of stainless steel cooker hoods available in UK. All these models differ a lot in their features and prices.


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