Stoves Cooker Hoods

stoves cooker hoods

Rather than the function of reducing cooking odors, a cooker hood is also used for some other decorative purposes. Yet they are very useful and practical also. They use two types of processes such as ducted extraction and re circulation to clean the air. The commonly used styles of cooker hoods available in the market are the Chimney hoods, the Island Chimney cooker hoods, the Canopy cooker hoods, the slim line cooker hoods, the integrated cooker hoods, the Conventional cooker hoods etc. Chimney cooker hood is the most popular among them. Every type of cooker hoods has their own individual advantages, but it is the choice of the user and the design of the kitchen decide the texture you should buy.


A chimney hood is manufactured with a brushed steel chimney and also is attached with a glass canopy and it is designed to be mounted on the wall. The process of ducted extraction is used in it. The island chimney also has similar features and similar process, but differs in texture i.e. it is used in an island kitchen. An island kitchen is an open kitchen which is situated almost on the centre of the apartment. A canopy hood is placed into the base of a wall cupboard and its operations are managed from below. It is hidden behind a standard cupboard door so that it may not be obtrusive. A Slim line cooker hood is telescopic. They can be used for both ducted and re-circulated extraction. Integrated cooker hoods are fitted with a furniture door and are suitable for ducted or re-circulating extraction. . The conventional hood is designed to fit under a kitchen unit to have easy access to the controls.


“Stoves” is one of the major home appliance makers in Europe. They have wide variety of products which include, Induction Cookers, Ovens, Hobs, and Grills. With a reputation of being in the home appliance industry for more than 80 years, Stoves provide hand-assembled and the best quality cooker hoods. Their superiority in technology and design can be seen in their products. The price of a cooker hood is not directly proportional to its quality always. Even though it is not very expensive, you can assure the quality of the product. They have got several industry awards for the best practices in manufacturing and quality. The Stoves ranges of models of cooker hoods ovens available in the UK markets are given below with their peculiars.


Stoves have a lot of product variations in cooker hoods, such as 600INT which costs around ₤78.00. 600 CPLP is a 60cm Chimney Hood which costs ₤220.00, 600 DCP is a designer chimney hood which also is 60 cm and costs around ₤362.00 and CP5 is a 60cm Cooker hood which costs ₤130.99.