Grill Cooker

grill cooker

Grilling is a very popular method of cooking. It refers to cooking food quickly in an open cooker, over high heat. In fact, about 75 percent of the households have a grill. A grill consists of a cooking surface, typically made of parallel metal bars or a porcelain-covered metal grid, over a fuel source capable of generating intense heat, usually up to temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 C) or more.


There are several different types of grills, but gas and charcoal are by far the most common. The components of a grill can range from very simple to incredibly sophisticated. The simplest grill is a charcoal burner and has three components: Cooking surface, Charcoal container and Grill support. The biggest advantage of having a grill cooker is that it is the easiest way to cook and will save you a ton of money in the long run. Several brands of grill cookers are available in the market today. Our website will help you to find the best and the most popular grill cookers.


Ultrex Contact Grill is a grill cooker with features such as Press and toast which can make your favourite sandwiches to perfection, the Floating hinge feature ensures you can cook even large sandwiches, Removable drip tray, cleaning brush and locking latch, Non-stick coated grill plates and the Ready light that lets you know when grill is ready to cook. Charbroil Premium Propane Gas Grill has features such as Durable stainless steel lid and painted steel construction stainless steel handle, Steel side shelves, 13K BTU flush side burner, 4 stainless steel burners, Porcelain cast iron cooking grates and wire rack, Electronic ignition, Fully enclosed cart with doors and Dimensions: 60" x 19" x 46.5".


Weber Genesis S-310 is a Propane Gas Grill with features include 637 sq. in. cooking space, 3 stainless steel burners, Stainless lid with stainless steel trim, 7MM stainless steel rod cooking grates, Stainless steel wire warming rack, Electronic ignition, Stainless steel working surfaces, enclosed cart with stainless steel doors and 4 casters. Creda H050G Gas High Level Grill Cooker, Parkinson Cowan LYRIC50WRL Gas High Level Grill Cooker, Creda H050E High Level Grill Electric Cooker etc are some of the other models available in grill cookers. These cookers belong to the price range of £250- £750.65.


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