Belling Dishwasher

belling dishwasher

Dishwashers form a necessary device for any household, as it saves you the time and effort to clean the soiled dishes manually. Positioned as a firm favourite family brand, Belling is one of the largest brands in the cooking market. They are renowned for producing affordable appliances geared towards family life. They offer the latest and most modern state of the art features and contemporary styling. Belling’s reputation for quality and reliability has remained unrivalled, and as part of Glen Dimplex Home Appliances, the Belling tradition continues with the support of the largest producer and supplier of cookers in the UK.


If you will have a look at the range of dishwashers from Belling there are very few to choose from .But all of them offer high quality and performance level. The Belling integrated dishwasher comes in two sizes, full size (60cm) and Slimline (45cm) which offers up to 12 place settings and 5 wash programmes. An integrated dishwasher is dishwasher which can be kept behind a full size kitchen door. In case of fully integrated dishwasher, the dishwasher will be hidden completely. The control panel is attached on the kitchen door, behind the dishwasher. Slimline dishwashers come in compact size. These dishwashers are narrow and shallow and can easily fit in the smallest kitchen, still giving you all the features that you would want in a dishwasher.


IDW450 is a 45 cm wide freestanding integrated Slimline dishwasher meant to relieve you from finding space to fit the dishwasher in your kitchen. Integrated dishwashers can be fitted inside a full sized kitchen cabinet door. These are also known as built in dishwashers. This model can fit in to your kitchen very easily without eating up too much space. The features of integrated Slimline dishwasher include 8 place settings, 3 wash programmes inc. pre-rinse, intensive and normal, 3 temperature settings, Adjustable upper basket, Salt and rinse aid indicators, Noise level max 53dBA and B rated energy class. This model has a dimension (mm) of H870 W450 D580. The price range of this model is £384.00 to £399.00.


In the 60cm category comes the integrated dishwasher having the model number IDW604. The key features of this model include12 place settings, 5 wash programmes inc. pre-rinse, delicate wash, eco wash, intensive and normal 4 temperature settings, Half load option, Adjustable upper basket, Salt and rinse aid indicators, Noise level max 53dBA and A rated energy class. The price of this model is £414.00 - £500.00. Another dishwasher from Belling is the IDW602. It is a built-in dishwasher which has 3 wash programmes. The Key feature of this model is the 3 wash cycle. The 3 wash cycle feature provides you with the best cleaning possible. This dishwasher has the following dimensions Height 87 cm, Width 60 cm and Depth 57 cm. It is priced £399-£414.


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