Bosch Dishwashers

bosch dishwashers

Bosch, one of the modern industrial giant, began its successful journey in 1886. Bosch Appliances are now available in 100 countries across the globe. Bosch dishwashers are highlighted for their quietness, wash performance, energy usage and ease of use. Bosch dishwashers earned the highest ranking based on overall customer satisfaction with operational performance, including energy efficiency and product quietness, as well as product design and ease of use.


Bosch has designed their dishwashers with a two pump motor that is suspended, cutting down on vibration and the noise as they wash your dishes. The insulation is innovative and tested for the utmost in noise control. You probably won't even realize that it is running. AQUASTOP is a brand new technology that automatically shuts down the dishwasher in the event a leak is detected. The Integra Series is an extremely quiet dishwasher. They hide the controls so that the sleek look is accomplished in your kitchen. Fitting perfectly with your kitchen décor they do not shout 'dishwasher here.' The designs are made to blend in with your kitchen cabinets. Likewise the Evolution dishwashers, manufactured by Bosch are made with the same technology as the Integra. Quietness when running is unsurpassed. A great feature is the child lock latch. It keeps curious fingers from opening the dishwasher door, thus preventing accidents. Price range: £ 302.00 - £ 369.00.


The Classix Bosch slimline dishwasher is just 45cm wide. Despite its compact appearance, it still has room inside for nine place settings, five standard programmes and is available only in white. This particular model is rated A for wash performance, B for drying performance and A for energy efficiency. The five programmes that are available on this model are Prerinse, Quick Wash at 45°C, Economy at 50°C, Normal at 65°C and Intensive at 70°C. The interior of the dishwasher is stainless steel, making it easy to keep clean. Price range: £ 365.29 - £ 429.99. The Logixx slimline dishwasher has far more features than the Classixx dishwasher and has an energy efficiency rating of A. This model also has a drying performance class of A compared to the B class Classixx model. The built in dishwashers from Bosch are available as semi integrated dishwashers or fully integrated dishwashers. All of the Bosch integrated dishwashers are 60cm in width so it is very important that you measure the space that your new appliance will be fitting into, of course, before you commit to buying one.


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