Candy Dishwashers

candy dishwashers

A dishwasher is a machine meant for washing dishes. It operates on a simple principle of washing dishes that have been placed on racks inside the machine with multiple jets of water. There are two types of dishwashers available in case of Candy, namely in the Full size and Slimline category. A full size dishwasher measures around 24 inches and can hold up to 140 pieces of cutlery and 12 utensil sets but they take require more space. Slimline dishwasher is built narrower so that it can easily fit into small spaces. The door, the drawers and the resource are designed so that it can accumulate a small space and be efficient in its usage of water and energy.


Have a look inside a Candy dishwasher and you will see the finest attention to details that starts with high quality stainless steel interior, safety baskets and counter balanced door. Candy full size dishwashers achieve the ultimate 'Triple AAA' rating for wash performance, energy and drying, while Slimline dishwashers are only 45 cm wide to fit into the tightest of spaces. The Candy brand name came into being in 1946. Since then its progress has been marked by extraordinary success. In 1954 Candy made a decisive move in washing traditions with the first semi-automatic washing machine with a spinner. While the washing machine was being refined, enriched and “learning” to save water and energy, the Stipomatic, the first Candy dishwasher, was launched.


CFD612 Full Size, CFD612S Full Size are the models that belong to the Full size category of Candy dishwasher. Some of the common features of these models in dishwashers include 12 Place Settings, 6 Programmes, 3 Temperatures, Rapid Wash, Auto Half Load, Adjustable Basket, Strong Cycle, Concealed Element etc. The price range of full size model is around £149.99 - £316.00. The Slimline models of Candy dishwasher include CSD68 Slim Line, and CSD68S Slim Line. The key features of these models are 8 Place Settings, 6 Programmes, 3 Temperatures, 25’ Rapid Wash, Adjustable Basket, Strong Cycle, etc. Slimline dishwasher is meant exactly for those people who struggle with the lack of space in their kitchen when it comes to squeeze in even a dishwasher. This neatly designed model requires a small area to fit in without making any compromise to the space in your kitchen. The price of these models is around £253.00 - £312.00.


Today, dishwasher has become a standard household appliance. They are available in many kinds and sizes. Dishwasher provides timesaving features and options to clean your utensils properly. They are energy efficient as they generally use less water as compared to hand washing. Your choice of such dishwasher depends mostly on space requirements, capacity requirements, and lifestyle needs of your kitchen. By means of our website, we can help you to know more on the models of Candy dishwashers, its features and prices.