Commercial Dishwashers

commercial dishwashers

Dishwashers are mechanical devices that are designed to clean eating utensils, drinking products and dishes. They can be found at homes on a smaller scale and in companies like restaurants and cafes.


Manual cleaning requires and relies on physical scrubbing of the product to remove dirt and grime, dishwashers work in a different way by spraying hot water at degrees of 55-65 Celsius on to the products. Another benefit of these is most systems have a heating option which also dries the products after washing the dishes. This achieves very quick drying and sanitation. Manual drying takes up extra space and extra time, eliminate all of this with a Commercial Dishwasher. The standard size of a dishwasher is 60cm Depth and Width with heights varying. The hole in which they are inserted must be at least 86cm in depth. Portable systems are also available from certain suppliers.


There are a few important factors based on which you should consider before landing on the right commercial dishwashers for your restaurant or commercial kitchen. There are plenty of dishwashers available in the market today to meet the requirements of all types of catering business. The most popular ones include sink glass washers, undercounters, door type units, booster heaters, and so on. Choosing the right commercial dishwashers depends on the amount of dishes you need to wash in a given hour, and also on the type of dishes you are washing.


There are some dishwasher units which are specifically designed to clean only glassware, pots, or pans. In case, your commercial kitchen has sufficient space, it could be a wise decision to split the task of dish washing between two specialised commercial dishwasher units. It is also essential to keep an account of the volume of dishes being washed. Try to keep in mind that when you are estimating the racks of dishes you produce per hour, you should try to use the number produced during the time of peak demand.


Selecting an energy efficient commercial dishwasher has become the need of the hour. Most of the commercial dishwashers of reputed companies, such as Hobart dishwasher, are built in booster heating units and equipped with automatic fill and idle pump shutoff features for improving energy efficiency. So, if you want to save on energy as well as your money, opt for an energy efficient dishwasher unit. Hobart AM15-1, Hobart AM15, Cma Dishmachines L-1X, Cma Dishmachines AH, KitchenAid Architect II K SERIES, Cma Dishmachines CMA-180S etc are some of the models in commercial dishwashers. These dishwashers from reputed brands are priced around $ 2000- $15, 000.


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