Electrolux Dishwashers

electrolux dishwashers

The Electrolux Group is a Swedish company which offers a home and professional appliances. It is recorded by company that more than 40 million products are sold by it world over every year. Electrolux offers goods like refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and cookers. According to the company, it sells more than 40 million products to customers in 150 countries annually. The high quality dishwashers from Elecrolux are priced around £290.00 - £1,230.00.


Electrolux ESL2450W Built-In Dishwasher is a very quiet machine and it features a very low noise level of 45 db. This integrated dish washer comes with 4 cycle settings that are designed to handle various types of wash needs, with the help of the three wash settings. It has A grade in energy efficiency and it is no wonder that its very less energy consumption value of 0.63 kWh per programme is behind its possession of the top grade. Electrolux ESL66010 Full Size Dishwasher comes with 5 programme settings that are widely classified on the basis its 4 temperature settings. These wash programmes and temperature settings are engaged depending upon the nature of the dirt and the size of the load. The quality of the wash results are further enhanced by the timely addition of salt and rinse aid provisions and when these provisions get finished off, this wash system alerts you with its salt and rinse aid alert systems.


Electrolux Inspire ESL2435 Compact Dishwasher’s construction is a truly inspiring one and this compact dishwasher can be installed behind a furniture door as a kitchen unit. This fully integrated dishwasher features ultra low consumption values and is an ideal machine for families with two members. This appliance features 6 place settings as per the industrial standards set by IEC. This wash device is credited with A grade for its cleaning efficiency at economy wash mode. Electrolux ESL2435 Slimline Dishwasher is integrated with regular cutlery baskets along with 2 special plastic cup shelves that together contribute to facilitation of the loading module. This wash device scores an A grade in energy efficiency as it makes an efficient use of 0.63 db of energy to complete a programme. This wash machine is credited with a B grade for its drying efficiency.


The anti flooding device of this wash machine acts as a safety device at times of leakage by locking the inlet valves and sealing the flooded water within the space at the base of the widget. The zone wash option of Electrolux ESF66010 Full Size Dishwasher, when engaged, activates a rigorous wash process in selected racks; this option is ideal when you have small wash loads. This wash machine will get into operation mode even in your absence as it features a delay timer option.


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