Integrated Dishwashers

integrated dishwashers

In the modern life, dishwashers form a necessary machine for any household, as it saves you the time and effort to clean the dirty dishes manually. Most dishwashers come in two sizes - 45 cms and 60cms.


Integrated dishwashers can be fitted inside a full sized kitchen cabinet door. These are also known as built in dishwashers. Integrated means to totally fit into its surroundings, which is the purpose of integrated kitchen appliances. They are a great option if you do not have a separate utility room and have a limited amount of space to spare in your kitchen. Integrated dishwashers offer the advantage of being less visible than their freestanding counterparts once they are installed. There are three main types of integrated dishwashers. Fully integrated dishwashers are completely concealed by a kitchen door front and have their controls positioned at the top of the dishwasher door to allow for this. Semi-integrated dishwashers are covered by a kitchen door up to drawer line height, above which the controls are visible. These are cheaper as compared to the fully integrated models. In-column dishwashers are designed to be built in at chest height to ease the loading and unloading process.


The built in dishwashers from Bosch are available as semi integrated dishwashers or fully integrated dishwashers. All of the Bosch integrated dishwashers are 60cm in width. Another feature that all of the Bosch models share is the number of place settings that the interior of the dishwasher has for you to stack your crockery and cutlery in. Both the fully integrated and the semi integrated Bosch dishwashers have a wash time of around 140 minutes and have an energy usage of around 1.05kWh. Despite the full 140 minute wash time, most of the integrated dishwashers also have 45 degree quick wash that takes only thirty minutes to complete.


Most of the dishwashers in Neff's current range are fully integrated versions, but they do have a few semi- integrated dishwashers as well. The Neff integrated dishwashers are designed to accept a full furniture door, which is able to conceal the whole appliance, including the control panel. The integrated dishwashers are easy to fit and will blend in with the rest of your kitchen. As well as the general and basic features that you usually get with an average dishwasher, i.e. on and off buttons, some of the models have extra added features such as the VarioFlex baskets with RackMatic. These allow a flexible way to wash your pots and pans as they can be adjusted to enable different sized and shaped items to be stacked and placed easily.


You can also check out the integrated dishwashers manufactured by the top brands such as Stoves, Zanussi, Smeg, Hotpoint, Indesit, Candy, Hoover, etc. You can search on our website for further information on the all the brands in integrated dishwashers, their features and prices. You can also decide the quality and value of these cookers by reading the reviews posted by the previous customers.