Neff Dishwashers

neff dishwashers

Neff was started as a small family business over 125 years ago in Germany, and has since established itself as a major player in the European kitchen appliance market. Neff products first became available in the UK around 30 years ago. Over the years, Neff has been responsible for a significant number of breakthrough products and kitchen concepts. Our company has built a reputation for producing appliances that not only look great but cook brilliantly too. Over the years, the company has continuously led the way in producing innovative new appliances which make life in the kitchen more pleasurable. Mainly Neff’s dishwashers belong to the semi integrated and the fully integrated category


Semi Integrated


Most of the models in the current range of dishwashers from Neff are fully integrated versions. But some of the models, such as the S4457N, S44T09 and the new S4409N are semi integrated. As well as the features that are available in all of the Neff semi integrated dishwashers, the S44T09 model also includes Touch Control with ClearText and VarioFlex Plus baskets. The Touch Control programme selection panel is completely smooth and is similar to a touch control ceramic hob in that it does not need any push-able buttons sticking out and looking untidy. The VarioFlex baskets that come with this Neff semi integrated dishwasher are designed to allow for larger items such as large pans and casserole dishes to be washed in the dishwasher as well as the smaller items. Some of the other features that are available in most of the range are the Large Item Spray- for washing pans, oven shelves and other large items by removing the top basket and fitting an additional spray head to he bask of the dishwasher.


Fully Integrated


Fully integrated dishwashers are completely shunned from our view, as these are placed inside the cabinet. The control panel rests on the top of the cabinet door. Some of the fully integrated models of dishwashers brought out by Neff home appliances are S51T69X1GB, S52M69X1GB, S51M63X0GB, S51M53X0GB, S51E50X0GB, S52E50X1, S54M45X0, etc. The common features of these models include Fully automatic programme and temperature selection, VarioSpeed, Half load, Intensive wash zone (lower basket), Hygiene option, Time delay (1-24 hours), LED time remaining indicator, Programme end indicator, LED salt and rinse indicators, InfoLight, 6 foldable racks in upper basket and 6 in lower basket, 14 international place settings, Height adjustable 815-875mm and water consumption is only 10litres.


The price of Neff dishwashers is around £350.00 to £909.00.  At Compare price we help you to find the best of all the products available in the market. You can find exclusive offers for Neff dishwashers on our websites. You can also look for best monthly or weekly offers available. Before buying any product it is always better to read reviews on various models so that you can take a better decision on what to buy. Comparing the features and prices will also help you to land on the exact product you are searching for.