Siemens Dishwashers

siemens dishwashers

Siemens is the market leader in Germany and the number one in Europe with regard to built-in appliances. Founded in 1847 by Werner von Siemens in Berlin, Siemens, it has many businesses which span in many fields. Every Siemens appliance is carefully created to the exacting standard that the customers require. There is no compromise, no cutting corners, owning a Siemens appliance brings confidence and style to your home life. Siemens offers some of the most efficient and reliable home appliances which are used world over by millions of people. The brand Siemens is enough to create the trust among the consumers.


Siemens dishwashers are specifically designed and high tech. These dishwashers use energy and water in the most efficient way. They have features like heat exchanger, aqua sensor, and alternative spray technique. These dishwashers have intelligent and smart technology which determines the requirement of water, set temperature and length of time of program.


Freestanding dishwashers are cheapest of all the other types of dishwashers and occupy a large place. They are comfortable for large restaurants and hotels where huge vessels are used. The free standing models from Siemens are SN26T890EU - speedMatic 60 cm dishwasher - silver inox, SN26M290EU - speedMatic 60 cm dishwasher, SN26M250EU - speedMatic 60 cm dishwasher, SN26M230EU - speedMatic 60 cm dishwasher, and SN25M830EU - speedMatic 60 cm dishwasher inox. The product features include Energy Efficiency class: A, Wash Performance class: A, Drying class: A, 6 programmes, Quick Wash 45 °C, Pre Rinse, 5 cleaning temperatures, Consumption in programme Economy 50: 10 l water / 0.98 kwh electricity / 140 min duration, Aqua-Sensor, loading sensor, 6 foldable plate racks in top basket, 6 foldable plate racks in bottom basket, Self-cleaning filter system 3-fold corrugated and the Noise level is 40 dB.


Integrated dishwasher or built-in dishwasher has a control panel that is designed to fit within the kitchen having full height door. SN66T091EU - speedMatic 60 cm dishwasher, SN65T050EU - speedMatic 60 cm dishwasher, SN56T590EU - speedMatic 60 cm dishwasher, SN56M551EU - speedMatic 60 cm dishwasher, SN55M530EU - speedMatic 60 cm dishwasher etc are the models available with Siemens in the category of integrated dishwasher .The features of this dishwasher include 6 programmes, 5 cleaning temperatures, Consumption in programme Economy 50: 12 l water / 1.05 kwh electricity / 140 min duration, Noise level: 44 dB, Capacity: 12+1 place settings place settings, Heat exchanger, Alternating spray technique, Regenerative electronics, Self-cleaning filter system, 2 foldable plate racks in top basket, 4 foldable plate racks in bottom basket, Cutlery rack in top basket, Variable cutlery basket in bottom basket and 2 cup shelves in top basket.


The price range of these dishwashers from Siemens will be around £200.00 - £1020.00. Visit our website to know more about Siemens dishwashers. You can compare the price of different models of Siemens dishwashers to find out which is the most suitable one for you. Our shopping sites will have discount offers or free home delivery or if you are lucky you can avail seasonal offers too.