Small Dishwashers

small dishwashers

Small dishwashers are ideal for modern apartments or houses that have only a tiny kitchen or even just a small kitchen-like area integrated into the living area. They fit in conveniently enough and will not occupy a lot of space. These small dishwashers can be a useful solution that offers many advantages.


Firstly, they are extremely easy and quick to install and use. Most models proposed by manufacturers have a capacity of 4 standard dimension place settings. This makes them perfect for small families. The best models are the very silent appliances that have surprising cleaning power considering their size. They also use a lot less water than the standard size models and are extremely efficient with their energy consumption. There are many manufacturers offering small dishwashers that can be integrated as built-in models or placed on top of the counter as a portable model. Popular choices are Bosch, Electrolux, Smeg, Candy, Belling, Indesit, Whirlpool, Zanussi, etc.


The new small Electrolux dishwasher, the ESL2450 is perfect for all designer kitchens. The 'A' energy rated compact dishwasher has all the features of a full-size model packed into a small size. Highlights include an Auto Wash Program 45°C - 70°C which will wash whatever load you have to perfection using only the water and energy needed. The unique Save Energy option reduces energy consumption by up to 25%. On the same efficiency theme, it also has an Energy Save function while it is in Standby mode and uses just 7 litres of water. This reduces the energy consumption if the small dishwasher is left on but not in use by 30%. Key features include 6 place settings, 5 washing programs including Auto Wash 45°-70°, Economy 55°, Intensive 70°, Quick Wash 50° and Glass 40°, residual drying, delay start 3 hours and LED display.


The compact Bosch SKT5102 dishwasher is ideal for smaller households. Designed for use on worktops, it’s only just bigger than the average microwave, and has the capacity for 4 place settings as well as foldable plate supports. The SKT5102 dishwasher provides pre-rinse plus 4 wash programmes including glass setting for the same flexibility as full-size machines, and has the usual additive indicators as well as a sequence indicator. The SKT5102 uses just 12 litres of water during a normal 65C programme, and has a heated air drying system. Smeg DF6FA 60 cm Freestanding Dishwasher, Candy CFD612 Freestanding Dishwasher, Belling IDW604 Integrated Dishwasher, Whirlpool ADG6230 Dishwasher, Indesit IDE750, Dishwasher Zanussi ZDF511 Dishwasher, etc are the other popular small dishwasher models. These small dishwashers cost around £170.00 - £999.56.


Visit our website and check out the wide range of small dishwashers available in the market today. You can compare the prices, features and models and select the most appropriate one for you. Before opting for a product, it’s always better to read the reviews and comments posted by the customers.