Beko Freezers

beko freezers

Without further question we can agree that a freezer is the most important appliances in a kitchen. You can preserve both cooked food items and row foods inside a freezer. That means a freezer is an essential thing for your kitchen, even tough you don’t cook there. We can also store drinks, pickles, frozen meals and snacks in it. Since its uses are in a wide range inside the kitchen, you should not choose it on low price only; select it after knowing about the features also.


Usually freezers come attached with refrigerators. Freezers are being installed in a refrigerator in three types of designs. They are freezer on the top, freezer on the bottom, or side by side. If you don’t prefer your freezer to store cooked food, and give priority to store items such as drinks and frozen foods, you can go for a traditional freezer, which is being attached with the top of the refrigerator. If you prefer fresh food, you don’t need to store it always; in that case your selection focus can go to a freezer which is in the bottom of the refrigerator. If you are a person without any likes like this, you can go for a freezer which is attached on the side of a refrigerator.


When you plan to buy a freezer, you should find different features of the freezer. A brand which has a record of legitimate business in the freezer selling industry can hopefully give you a good freezer. You should not compromise on quality and performance of a freezer for the brand name or for a discount. Most of the famous brands available in the market are giving you the best quality freezers; still you should be careful about it. Now most of the companies are taking care on post sales service also. Beko is one among them.


Beko Plc is a multi national company from Hertfordshire, with a turnover of £233 million in 2008. They produce their home appliances products in their own factory, using the most innovative technology and diversified equipments. Beko has got different awards for the best performance for its various products. The Product range of Beko covers the products such as Refrigeration, Freezers, Color Televisions, Cookers, Laundry, and Dishwashers. Beko cooker consist of the gas cookers, electric cookers and compact cookers.


The Beko has a wide range of models in its freezers.


AP930 is a side by side frost free fridge freezer. It has an automatic ice and water dispenser along with class energy efficiency. AS920, AB910 are also side by side frost free fridge freezer, with a 2.2L Stored Water Dispenser and digital display. CDA752F, CDA751F, CDA653F, CDA648F etc are combi frost free fridge freezers. Beko freezers are available in a price range of £131 to £400.


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