Electrolux Freezers

electrolux  freezers

A freezer is a device which helps to maintain a very low temperature in most of the time of the year. Freezers are used for different purposes. According to purpose, they can be segmented into several areas. These segments themselves have different textures and sizes. Among them some are detailed here. Freezers are available in a wide variety. Manufactures use quality components from reliable vendors to manufacture freezers. Freezers are usually constructed with double walls and also with inner wall made from quality stainless steel and outer wall made using mild steel powder coating. Some of the freezers explained here are Plasma freezers, Pantry freezers, Pharmaceutical freezers, Bio freezers etc.


A Plasma Freezer is a device based on the principle of micro controller is designed for quick freezing and storing of plasma, a blood component. They also are used to store related blood components also at very low temperature up to -35 ºC. On manufacture itself, a plasma freezer is associated with a temperature controller with digital temperature display, Temperature recorder, Temperature alarm system with adjustable high / low alarm limits etc. Audio visual alarm on temperature deviation is also there in built with a plasma freezer. A high density CFC Free Poly Urethane Foam is used with it to insulate cabinet with corrosion resistant stainless steel interior and white powder coated exterior finish. A keyed lock also will be there in the door of plasma freezers in almost all the models of it. An air-cooled hermetically sealed compressor also is associated with it.


A pantry freezer is a different variation of freezers which is equipped for refrigerating a wide variety of food products, beverages and other such items. Most of the manufacturers tend to use their superior technology for a pantry freezer also.


Pharmaceutical Freezers and pharmaceutical refrigerators are used for the storage of medicines and other related things. Usually they are associated with microprocessor based temperature control, digital display, acoustic alarm, visual alarm and recording of temperatures.


Bio freezers are freezers are used for advanced medical and industrial applications which are fitted with controller based biofreeze technology with an ideal freezing environment. They are used for prevention of plasma, related blood components, vaccines, micro-organism, testing of materials and electronic components at desired low temperature. They are built on the principle of micro controller based temperature controller with digital temperature display of set value and process value temperature alarm system with adjustable high-low alarm limits, includes audio visual alarm on temperature deviation.


Different companies are there in the manufacture of freezers and its associated services. Electrolux is one among them.  It is one of the elegant in UK. They are the pioneer brand in home appliances in the Europe also. They have large experience in producing freezers, which makes them to be perfect in their brand name.  Electrolux has very large variety models of freezers, off which some are free standing and the others are in built. Electrolux freezers are royal in design and easy to use. The design of the Electrolux freezers is effective, practical, stylish and unobtrusive in your kitchen creating a pleasant atmosphere.


Electrolux has a large variety of models of freezers, Among them some are Free-standing type and others are built-in type. All the freezers of Whirlpool are elegant in design and easy to use.


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