Indesit Freezers

indesit freezers

A busy home maker will be blessed with having a fridge freezer in the kitchen because he/she can store the food for a long time period without being afraid of getting it spoiled soon. The freezers which have been made by the advancement of new technology are assuring food items to be extra safe, with the anti bacteria coating they used to have with it. With this coating, the germs and bacteria are not able to enter inside the freezer. The rest of the selection process depends on the capacity of the freezer and you should take a decision on it on the basis of the number of members within the family.


There are two types of freezers, the free standing freezers and the chest freezers. Chest freezers have a top which can be opened and they can store more things than in the case of a free standing freezer. Freezers are also available alone or as attached with fridges. In the case of a freezer attached with a refrigerator, a freezer is relatively smaller than the main cooling area.


Auto defrosting, humidity controlled salad crispers', bottle racks and a frost free option etc are the facilities offered by almost all the standard freezers combined with fridges. Temperature of the freezer can be adjusted with the help of the adjustable thermostat. A fast freeze button lets the food to freeze fast. A reversible door also can be counted as the added advantages along with the freezers.


Indesit is one among the lot of freezer manufacturing players in the market.  “We work, you play! “Is the guiding philosophy of Indesit manufactures efficient products with innovative ideas to make the life more comfortable? Indesit is one of the top home appliances brands in UK. Indesit leads the market in Refrigerators, Washer Dryers, Dishwashers and Free Standing Electric Cookers. Indesit is being operated in 17 countries including Italy, Poland, the UK, Russia, Turkey and China. They have 24 commercial branches worldwide and also are blessed with 17,000 employees.


Indesit TZA1S Silver, Indesit UFAN400 Silver, Indesit UFAN300, Indesit GSF120I Integrated, Indesit TZA1 White, Indesit GSF 120 White, Indesit IN F 140G White, Indesit UFAAN300 White, Indesit OFNAA305 White etc are some of the popular models of Indesit freezers available in the market. These models are available in the market in a price range of £149 to £480.


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