Integrated Freezers

integrated freezers

The term integrated is given to any of the kitchen appliance is why because it totally fit into its surroundings. If you do not have enough space to keep that particular home appliance in your kitchen, an integrated appliance is a great option for you. When comes into the case of an integrated cooker hood, the opinion can be of a decorative side. When you choose free standing appliances, you loose your style when you look for efficiency. The design of the household kitchen along with the other parts of the room is also giving more importance to its aesthetic look.


Anyone can’t deny the fact that a kitchen which is not cluttered looks nice and comfortable. An integrated appliance helps to achieve this comfort ability by storing washing machines, tumble dryers and fridges behind matching cabinet doors. An integrated freezer is the one which has been kept inside your cabinet doors. A freezer nd a refrigerator is fitted together in this case. Usually integrated freezers costs more than an ordinary freezer, but when you think about your clutter in the small kitchen, the amount paid extra will not be very much.


Integrated freezers are built into a tall cabinet which is there among your kitchen furniture. In most of the cases of integrated freezers, a door is fixed onto the appliance, sometimes it could be two doors for a fridge freezer in most cases. Built in freezers are available in different sizes, like 50/50 split for both refrigerator and freezer, or 70/30 split which gives you more fridge space than freezer. There are different heights available for integrated models, ranging from 800mm-1800mm in height.


Many reputed brands are there in the market, which are in the business of manufacture of integrated freezers. Many of them keep world class standards in the freezer management. Electrolux , Hotpoint ,Liebherr ,Smeg ,Indesit ,Candy ,Hoover etc are some of the most popular manufacturers of integrated freezers. Hoover HBC3150 Integrated, Candy fully integrated built under freezer CFU130/1K , Indesit INC325 Integrated , Smeg Integrated Undercounted Freezer VR120B , Gorenje Fiu6104 Integrated Freezer , Hotpoint HUZ121 Integrated Freezer, Liebherr EG1113 88cm Integrated Decor Panel Freezer , Hotpoint HZ201 Integrated Freezer (HZ201B),  Electrolux EUN12300 Integrated Freezer etc are some of the available models of integrated freezers in the UK.


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