Smeg Freezers

smeg freezers

A freezer is an electronic device used to maintain a very low temperature in almost all the time of the year. On the basis of purpose, freezers can be classified into different groups. On the basis of purpose to be used these machines are classified into several groups which differ among them in sizes, textures etc. Among them some have given explanations here. A wide variety of freezers are available in the market. Quality components from reliable vendors are used to construct these freezers by the manufacturers. Usually freezers are associated with double walls and also with inner wall made from quality stainless steel and outer wall made using mild steel powder coating. Plasma freezers, Pantry freezers, Pharmaceutical freezers, Bio freezers etc are some of the variety types of freezers detailed here.


A freezer which is designed for quick freezing and storing of plasma, a blood component is categorized under the name plasma freezers. Plasma freezers are also used to store related blood components also at very low and varying temperatures up to -35 ºC. A temperature controller with digital temperature display, Temperature recorder and a Temperature alarm system with adjustable high / low alarm limits are inbuilt with a plasma freezer. One more facility is inbuilt with it is the audio visual alarm, which will be working on the temperature deviation. To insulate cabinet with corrosion resistant stainless steel interior and white powder coated exterior finish, a high density CFC Free Poly Urethane Foam is used. Most of the models of the plasma freezers will have a door attached with a keyed lock.


A freezer used to make you comfortable in a pantry is known as a pantry freezer. They are equipped for refrigerating a wide variety of food products, beverages and other such items. A superior technology is used to build the pantry freezers by most of the popular brands.


The freezers used in hospitals and other medicine storage places are known as Pharmaceutical Freezers. Most of the models of Pharmaceutical Freezers are are associated with microprocessor based temperature control, digital display, acoustic alarm, visual alarm and recording of temperatures.


For advanced medical and industrial applications, bio freezers are used. Usually they are fitted with controller based biofreeze technology with an ideal freezing environment. They are used to give an appropriate temperature and thereby protect the plasma, related blood components, vaccines, micro-organism, testing of materials and electronic components at desired low temperature. The principle used behind bio freezers are micro controller based temperature controller with digital temperature display of set value and process value temperature alarm system with adjustable high-low alarm limits. They include audio visual alarm on temperature deviation.


Most of the home appliances manufacturers are there in the manufacture of freezers also. Many of them are global players and top brands also. SMEG is also one among them. It is an Italian based kitchen appliance manufacturer, established in 1948, by Vittorio Bertazzoni. SMEG which can be expanded as Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla began its business as a metal enameling factory. After the establishment they Have started manufacturing “Retro” refrigerators and became the leading manufacturers of home appliances in Italy. The company is managed by Bertazzoni family and is head quartered at Guastalla, Italy.


A wide range of kitchen appliances including ovens, cookers, hobs, cooker hoods, sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry, fires, home gardens and other kitchen accessories. The products from Smeg are distinctive in all respect; it comes with a “Made in Italy” stamping, which shows its ingenious craftsmanship. SMEG freezers are appreciated and also accepted by all. They are simple looking and elegant in its design.


SMEG freezers are available in almost all parts of Europe. They have now widened their operations to cater the needs of customers all over Europe. If you are here to buy a SMEG freezer, you can stay here. Here all the features, sizes of whirl pool freezers are available. Here you can shop online also.