Zanussi Freezers

zanussi freezers

A freezer is an electronic device used to give a cold environment for the food we store in it. It also helps to preserve your food. You can also use your freezer even to cook cold food items such as Ice creams and puddings etc. A refrigerator also is used to store things cold but we cannot maintain a temperature below the freezing point of water in it. But a freezer can keep the temperature even below the freezing point of water.


Manufactures are competing among themselves to manufacture variety models of high quality freezers. Quality components procured from reliable vendors are used by most of the manufacturers to produce freezers. Most of the available models of freezers are constructed with double walls with a provision of high quality stainless steel is used for the inner wall and a mild steel powder coating is used for the outer wall.


A wide range of models of freezers are being produced by these manufacturers. These models are being used for different purposes. A Plasma Freezer is used for storing plasma and other related blood components at a desired low temperature up to -35 ºC. A temperature controller with digital temperature display is used in a plasma freezer. It also is being manufactured with temperature recorder, Temperature alarm system with adjustable high / low alarm limits etc. It is also blessed with audio visual alarm on temperature deviation. A high density CFC Free Poly Urethane Foam is used to insulate the cabinet along with a corrosion resistant stainless steel interior, white powder coated exterior finish etc. A freezer is attached with a keyed lock to have a safe storage of plasma in it. With a keyed lock, it works as an air-cooled hermetically sealed compressor.


A freezing device which is equipped for refrigerating a wide variety of food products either cooked or row, beverages and other associated items is christened as pantry freezers. A superior quality technology is used to make the pantry freezers equipped for such a high usage purpose. The freezers which are used to store medicines and other medical related things are known by the name Pharmaceutical Freezers. They are usually attached with microprocessor based temperature control, digital display, acoustic alarm, visual alarm and recording of temperatures. Bio freezer is used for advanced medical and industrial applications.


All these models of freezers with diversified uses are made available by different companies. Most of them are excelled in the field of freezer management. Zanussi is a famous brand in electronic appliance manufacturer. They are the first makers of gas cookers in Europe and has started its operations in the year 1916. They have merged with the Electrolux group in the early 1980’s and became a member of electronic home appliance manufacturers. The freezers of Zanussi are now a well known product. The wide range of models of freezers for the users to select from makes them more attractive to the customers.


Zanussi ZUD9100, Zanussi ZUC053W , Zanussi ZUT113W , Zanussi ZUF105W, Zanussi ZBF6114, Zanussi ZFU325W, Zanussi ZQF6114 ,          ZanussiZUD9100FA, Zanussi ZFC326WB, Zanussi ZFX305W , Zanussi ZFT810W, Zanussi ZFT610W, Zanussi ZFT710FW, Zanussi ZFT610X, Zanussi ZFC638WAP , Zanussi ZFC639WAP, Zanussi ZFC627WAP, Zanussi ZFC623WAP, Zanussi ZCF26JC, Zanussi ZFC21JC etc are some of the models of freezers available in the market from the production house of Zanussi.


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