AEG Fridge Freezers

aeg fridge freezers

Fridge freezer is a combination of fridge and freezer. It is used to store food items and preserve them by cooling it to freezing point of water. The fridge section in the fridge-freezer is used to keep ordinary food items like, fruits, vegetables, dishes, etc., while the freezer section is used to keep food items that need to be frozen, especially, meat, ice creams, puddings and other dessert items.


Many companies manufacture fridge-freezers. With the growth of technology, modern and efficient fridge-freezers are now been made available. The major manufacturers include Electrolux, Beko, Belling, Miele, Neff, Bosch, SMEG, LEC, Samsung, Siemens, Whirlpool, Zanussi, Hoover, Indesit, Candy and much more.


AEG- Electrolux is one of the majors in the fridge-freezer industry. The products of AEG-Electrolux are well accepted in all parts of Europe and the world. The technical advantage that AEG gained after uniting with the Electrolux group has boosted its image among the public.


AEG’s old name was 'Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft' (DEG). It was established in 1883 as a patented manufacturer of Edison’s Lamps. A Berlin engineer named Emil Rathenau was the founder of that company. With the commissioning of first electric works in Berlin, Germany, in 1887, it changed its name to 'Allgemeine Electricitäts Gesellschaft' (AEG). In 1994, AEG merged with the leader in home appliance industry, Electrolux, and expanded its operations. Today, the company is called as AEG- Electrolux. 


There are 16 models for AEG-Electrolux fridge freezers. The name and key features with cheapest prices of those models are given below.

  • S85628SK1- Wave Touch American-style food centre (£1529.99)  
  • S75598KG- Three-door food centre with wine cellar (£1945.00
  • S75578KG3- A+ European-style food centre (£1860.00
  • S75438KG- 70cm wide frost-free fridge freezer (£743.00)
  • S75428DT1- 70cm wide frost-free top freezer fridge freezer (£721.00)
  • S75408KG8- Frost-free fridge freezer (£712.00)
  • S75400KG8- Frost-free fridge freezer (£649.00)
  • S75355KG1- Frost-free freezer with precision temperature control (£542.00)
  • S75348KG98- Frost-free fridge freezer (£599.99)
  • S75328DT1- 60cm wide frost-free top freezer fridge freezer (£659.00)
  • S70318KG5- Static A++ fridge freezer (£581.00)
  • SN91842-4I- A+ energy rated total frost-free combi fridge-freezer (£799.00)
  • SN71840-5I- A energy rated frost-free combi fridge-freezer (£680.00)
  • SC91844-5I- A+ energy rated combi fridge-freezer (£656.00)
  • SC91843-6I- A+ energy rated combi fridge-freezer (£699.00)
  • SC91842-5I- A+ energy rated combi fridge-freezer (£630.00)

The customers are satisfied by the service they get from AEG-Electrolux. The company is powering itself and moving ahead with the motto- Perfect in Form and Function. The fridge-freezers are technical innovations that created many happy customers for AEG-Electrolux. They are good in design as well.


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