Beko Fridge Freezers

beko fridge freezers

In olden days, preserving food items was a difficult job. The simple methods like, using water and other coolants did not give any prolonged results. It caused wastage of food items and resources. But today the situations changed. The refrigeration systems help us to store food as many days as we want.


Fridge freezers are the latest freezing or refrigeration systems. They combine the functions of fridge and freezers. Freezers help to preserve meat and other low melting point food stuffs. The fridge prevents spoilage of dishes, vegetable, fruits and drinks.


Today there are many international manufacturers of fridge freezers and other home appliances in the United Kingdom, who brings its world class gadgets to the people of the UK. The best known brands include the German; the Japanese; the Turkish; the Koreans; the Chinese; the Americans and other famous European companies. Beko is a Turkish venture which launched its operations in the United Kingdom in 1991.


Beko is a leader in the supply of various domestic appliances. Infused with state of art technologies and additions, Beko was able to impress the consumers with its energy efficient equipments. Beko’s products are made to suit the wills of its large number of customers.


There are around 24 fridge-freezer models for Beko in the UK markets. Some of its names are AP930, AS920, CDA752F, CDA653F, CDA646 Static, CDA540 Static, CDA554, TDA735, and FC175F. All the models of Beko stand up to its class.


The Beko fridge freezers are unique in many ways. They are reliable, energy efficient, good quality and great value products. Beko fridge freezers combine best technology with contemporary designs, which makes it most sought product. Beko is still trying to bring more innovative and quality products to consumers who like high quality standards for their appliances.   


Beko has won many awards as an appreciation for their products. Some of them are, “Best Energy Efficient Refrigeration Award-2004,” Washing Machine and Refrigerator Compressor Facility Award- JIPM-2005,” “UK Supplier of the Year Award” and many more. Beko is consistently featured in the “Which? Best Buy” Awards. It has also got many Quality Standards certifications like, ISO 9001:2000-TSE, ISO 14001:1996-SGS, 6 Sigma and much more.


The Beko Fridge Freezers have best prices. The low range products cost between £180.00 and £300.00; the high definition models cost between £319.00 and £700.00. The reviews of the customers include both positive and negative responses. Some are not happy with the after sales services, while some are unsatisfied by the defrost facilities. But many customers find it very user friendly and efficient.


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