Belling Fridge Freezers

belling fridge freezers

The aura of beauty inside the kitchen is its utensils. The equipments inside a kitchen decide whether the kitchen is in good condition or not. Fridge-freezers are such equipments. They combine the function of two separate utensils into one structure. In other words they have both fridge and freezers integrated together. They are useful in keeping your food stuffs fresh.


The use of fridge-freezers is now mostly seen in houses. To a certain extent it is useful in restaurants and shops but not as in houses. Recent data say a growth in the production and sales of fridge-freezers all across Europe. The great brands, inside the UK and from all across the globe, have launched their products in the UK markets. Rising competition between these giants brought high quality fridge freezers with reasonable prices to the stores.


Belling is one of the known companies, who market their fridge freezers in the United Kingdom. They are based in Lancaster in the United Kingdom. Belling is proud to have given away “fantastic collection” of household equipments to more than a million consumers.


Belling was established in the year 1912, by its most revered founder and entrepreneur, Charles A. Belling. Starting with the legendary equipment Baby Belling, Belling expanded its operation to all shores of home appliance industry. Belling was acquired by Glen Dimplex Group, one of the leading manufacturers of domestic appliances in the world in 1992. This gave a boost to the existence of Belling in the market. In 2000, at the starting of the new Millennium, Belling was given new logo and the motto- Belling “Think of Everything.”


Compared to other manufacturers Belling has very few models of fridge freezers on the store.  They are in the process of bringing new variants in the refrigeration category. There are three models for Belling Fridge Freezers. They are,


The price of BE815 ranges between £400 and £520 and the price ranges of BE816 and BE817 are £420 to £700 and £500 to £600, respectively. The prices are reasonable and there are stores which give discount for Belling products. Definitely you will get best deals for Belling fridge-freezers.


The customers of Belling home appliances acclaim it as good products. There are no anti reviews for Belling home appliances. Therefore you can expect great value and quality fridge-freezers.


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