Bosch Fridge Freezers

bosch fridge freezers

The utensils or appliances determine the beauty of the kitchens. There is no one who does not aspire for a clean and smart kitchen in their house. The utensils like fridge, fridge freezers, microwave ovens, range cookers, ovens, etc are very useful in making your kitchen look aloft. Also they pace up the cooking job.


Fridge freezers are a great help in preserving the food stuffs. They integrate freezer and fridge in one single unit. Thus one can have two utensils in one shot. The fridge freezers are manufactured by all major global home appliance companies. Bosch is one of them. They have multitude of businesses and they have proven their skills in vast number of areas of interest. Definitely, their skill and expertise have proven through the outcome of their products’ quality.


The history of Bosch goes back to 1886 when Robert Bosch started a small workshop, which dealt with electrical engineering and precision mechanics, in Stuttgart, Germany. With the manufacturing of Bosch low-voltage magneto for stationary and motor vehicles, it gained name all across the Europe. It started its first office outside Germany in the UK in 1898. From that time onwards it is the base of all their operations in the United Kingdom.


The Bosch fridge freezers include several models. There are three types of fridge-freezers with Bosch- Freestanding, Built-in, and American style fridge freezers. The Freestanding and the Built-in types are divided into three series -Logixx, Exxcel, and Classixx. Logixx series contain cutting-edge technology and other features. Exxcel’s are the medium range fridge freezers. Classixx’s are simple models of fridge freezers. Certain models in American style fridge freezers are KAN62V40G, KAD62V50GB, KAD62S20, and KAD62V40GB.


The prices of Freestanding models lies between £270.00 and £1000.00. The prices of Built-in types of Bosch fridge freezers range between £400.00 and £800.00. The American Style fridge freezers cost above £1100.00. Customer reviews give good regard to post sales service. But they complain about the inefficiency of the refrigeration system. Most of them had complaints in the defrost systems. Since company is informed about it, be assured that they would have done something to refine the faults. Having an overall look on to the facts we discussed, Bosch fridge freezers are wonderful machines.


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