Candy Fridge Freezers

candy fridge freezers

Solving the problem of having two separate, but same-function, products is possible, when both of them are integrated into a single structure. This is what Fridge freezers have in them. They merge fridge and freezers into one box. That is why it is space saving and energy efficient. Let us talk about it in detail.


Suppose that you have separate fridge and freezers at your house. When both of them are working in two power plugs, the electricity consumption is very high and also it will take two fridges’ space. Instead if you have a fridge freezer, it will save your electricity and space inside the house because you have both the functions in one. Hence it is better to have a fridge-freezer than having separate units of fridge and freezer.


If you have any idea of buying a fridge-freezer, then definitely it is a good decision. But how will you know about the features and details of fridge freezers? It may take lot of time for you to search each and every website and come to a decision. To relieve you from crowd sourcing, we at have prepared it for you before hand. To have a nick of what we have in store for you, we have some writings on Candy Fridge Freezers.


Candy Group is an Italian company by origin. After sixty years of its debut in the home appliance industry, Candy Group is now proud to be a leading European company. They have manifold products like dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, freezers, fridges, ovens, cookers, hobs, etc. with both freestanding and built-in models. Candy Group is also the leaders in floor-care markets through its sister concern, Hoover.


The larder fridges of Candy are great in style and task fulfilling. The fridge freezers currently manufactured by Candy include 9 models. The model names and its special features are given below.

  1. CCF5163S Fridge Freezer is ‘A’ energy rated fridge freezer. It is frost free and has a dimension of 163x54x60cm (HxWxD).
  2. CCF5163W Fridge Freezer is ‘A’ energy rated, with artistic internals. It is white in colour and frost free. Its dimension is 163x54x60cm (HxWxD).
  3. CCF5149S Fridge Freezer is ‘A’ Energy rated and frost free. It has a dimension of 149x54x60cm (HxWxD).
  4. CCF5149W Fridge Freezer has the special features: Energy rate ‘A’; Frost free, White colour; and 149x54x60cm dimension.
  5. CCS5163S Fridge Freezer has Energy rate ‘A’ and silver colour. The dimension is 163x54x60cm (HxWxD).
  6. CCS5163W Fridge Freezer has energy rate ‘A’ and white colour. The dimension is 163x54x60cm (HxWxD).
  7. CCS5136W Fridge Freezer is A+ Energy rated and white in colour. Dimension: 136x54x60cm (HxWxD).
  8. CTSE5142W Top Mount has A+ Energy rate and good internal designing. The dimension is 143x54x60cm (HxWxD.
  9. CTSE5142S Top Mount has A+ Energy rate and silver colour. The dimension is 143x54x60cm (HxWxD).

The fridge freezers of Candy group have good designs and are sophisticated equipments with innovative technology. To know more about Candy fridge freezers, have a look into our site