Indesit Fridge Freezers

indesit fridge freezers

Choosing a fridge freezer is not a simple process. It needs patience and a desire to search for the best. Usually, people tend to buy any model that suits their eyes. They never look for its features and particulars. The result is dumping of that fridge freezer within few years. Therefore, before buying a fridge freezer, one should thoroughly research and crowd source various factors like, size, the systems and technology, the style, the colour and finally a comparison with your need of the hour. This helps in a satisfied “customership” and prolonged use of the fridge freezers.


You may feel that it is a difficult job to do that entire customer sourcing. To help you with that, we have made this website Since you are looking for Indesit fridge freezers, we have something great to offer you. Let us see what is there with us about Indesit and its fridge freezers.


Indesit fridge freezers are flagship products in the United Kingdom. Before knowing Indesit fridge freezer let us have a look at Indesit Company’s profile.


Indesit was founded in the year 1975 by the present chairman Vittorio Merloni. Today they are the Europe’s second largest producer of home appliances. They lead in sale in the markets of Russia, UK, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania. In addition they are one among the leaders of home appliance industries in Poland, France, Turkey, Greece, Hungary and the Czech Republic. They have 17 production units in different parts of the world and a sound market all across the globe. They have several flagship brands like, Hotpoint-Ariston, Scholtès, Creda, Cannon and Indesit. The vast customer base of Indesit is a proof of the quality of their products and technological innovations. Therefore, you can rely on Indesit products without suspicion.


The fridge freezers of Indesit have built in and freestanding models. There freestanding models have a height range between, 84cm and 200cm. The height of built in and integrated models range between 81.5cm and 185cm. There are 30 models for freestanding and 10 models for built in fridge freezers. The features of each model vary a tad. Some of the models and its features are given below.


R24 Indesit fridge freezer: Size- 6.6/1.7 cu ft; Colour- White
R24SI Indesit Fridge freezer: Size- 1.6+6.5cf; Colour- Silver
RA24 Indesit Fridge freezer: Size- 6.6/1.7 cu ft; Colour- Silver
BAAN10S Indesit Fridge Freezer: Capacity- 255 litre; Colour- Silver
BAN134NFS Indesit Fridge Freezer: Capacity- 290 litre; Colour- Silver
INC325 Indesit Integrated Fridge Freezer: Size- 9.0 cuft; Colour- White
INCB320 Indesit Integrated Fridge Freezer: Size-10.4 cu ft; Colour- White
The price range of Indesit fridge freezers is between £180.00 and £700.00.


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