Integrated Fridge Freezers

integrated fridge freezers

An integrated fridge freezer is similar to that of a standard fridge freezer. The only difference regarding the integrated fridge freezer is that it is hidden away behind the same panel as your kitchen's cupboard doors. They will match the interior of your kitchen without any effort.


The integrated fridge freezer is covered by a door. Only its temperature detectors are left outside for you to see. So you can control your integrated fridge freezers without opening it. Integrated fridge freezer costs more than a conventional fridge freezer.

Besides, its useful capacity is 2 times smaller then its size. As for the mounting: in the furniture there should be slits for free air circulation. If you are interested in buying an integrated fridge freezer, you need to consider a few points.


The amount of space needed for the fridge


The first and the foremost thing to think about is the amount of space the fridge will take up in your kitchen. An American Style fridge is quite big. It will definitely consume a large portion of space. Where as, the integrated appliances blend in well in your kitchen but may offer fewer functions than freestanding models.


The width of the fridge will vary according to the model you choose. For a conventional fridge the width vary from 60cm to upwards and for a large side-by-side model it is 90cm. Apart from the width and height you also need to think about depth too. Though the home appliance manufacturers are bringing out a lot of narrow and compact models, many larger appliances are beyond conventional worktop depth. They might not even go through your front door and reach the kitchen.


Capacity of the Fridge


Capacity is a very important factor while choosing a fridge for your household. You have to determine the right capacity you require to store your food. One way to select the capacity depends on the total number of people in your family. A huge family requires a large fridge to store the food items. The more people you have at home, the larger will be the capacity of the fridge you need.


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