Lec Fridge Freezers

lec fridge freezers

Are you searching for a device which can keep your fruits and vegetables fresh forever or the best cooling system which can keep your ice cream and pudding without melting? Then you definitely need a fridge freezer. Fridge freezer integrates the function of both fridge and freezers. In other words, it has the facility to keep highly melting food to normal dishes and prevent it from decay. The fridge freezers are extremely needed when you do not have sufficient time for cooking. In case if you could not cook a day, you can take the food, kept inside the fridge freezer, heat it up and have a nice meal. Therefore, fridge freezers are a boon to the kitchen.


There are manifold companies, who manufacture fridge freezers. They all have great technology which propels their product in the market. The consumers, nowadays, are very careful about the quality of the fridge freezers and other equipments in the house. This encourages companies to provide the best featured product to the masses. The famous brands include, Samsung, Lec, LG, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Neff, Indesit, Leisure, SMEG, AEG-Electrolux, Zanussi, and many other brands. Here we are going to talk about Lec fridge freezers.


Lec is a company which was founded 60 years back. They are one of the pioneers in the freezing and refrigeration technology. The founders of the company are Charles and Frank Purley. In 1942, the cost of ice increased. This made Charles and Frank develop a machine to cool and preserve the fish in their shop. Soon the demand for this machine increased and Lec became a reality.


In 2005, Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (GDHA) acquired Lec and expanded its operation. Not much later, GDHA introduced new models with Lec brand. The models for Lec brand and its features are given below.

Lec fridge freezers are designed and developed by experts in their laboratories. It has the support of world class innovations from GHDA. The Lec fridge freezers are designed to harmonize with the needs of the customers. One can expect a prolonged and perfect functioning from Lec fridge freezers


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