Siemens Fridge Freezers

siemens fridge freezers

Have you ever had a fridge freezer? If not, get one soon, because it helps you to save a lot of food items instead of spoiling them.


The world we live in is scooping down to a big shortage food and cereals. Influenced by the lavish-living lifestyle of people, the wastage of food items have become severe and subsequently the shortage of food. There are millions dying without one time food and all of us tend to waste food for no reason. Therefore, having a fridge freezer at home is a great help for you and your contemporaries in the world.


Spoiling the food can be reduced once you own a fridge freezer. With latest technologies moving up, the fridge freezers keep fruits, vegetable, dishes, ice creams, wines, squash, etc without losing their freshness. Hence, never worry about health problems. Above all, fridge freezers combine the features of both fridge and freezers.


There are many companies who manufacture fridge freezers. One of the known companies is Siemens. They have wide array of appliances which are built indigenously. All appliances of Siemens are skillfully crafted to meet the requirements of customers. Siemens do not want to compromise on its style and technology. This makes them a marked member of appliance industry. Experience of making quality home appliances for more than 100 years, and highly exalted customer services have pushed it up to be one among top home appliance makers in the UK.


Siemens fridge freezers are good in look and function. There are 30 models for Siemens. All of them come with specific IQ rating, which give rating for technological sophistications application in the fridge freezers. There are 10 built-in and 10 freestanding models. Also, the major colours available are white, black, stainless steel and stainless steel look. Some fridge freezers of Siemens, with their model names and key features, are given below.

  1. KG34NX94GB - Stainless Steel Frost free fridge freezer; iQ300; Stainless steel look doors, sides and stainless steel handles
  2. KG34NA43GB - Stainless Steel Frost free fridge freezer; iQ500
  3. KG49NP93GB - Stainless Steel Frost free fridge freezer; iQ700
  4. KT16RP43GB - White Undercounter larder fridge; iQ300

Apart from these normal fridge freezer models, there are American Style Fridge Freezers for Siemens.


Siemens Company holds a great reputation of being one of the major German based companies, operating in the United Kingdom. It is a reliable company with more than 150 years of manufacturing tradition.


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