Smeg Fridge Freezers

smeg fridge freezers

Refrigerators are of many kinds. Fridge freezer is one of them. It combines the functions and features of fridge and freezers, which are again two kinds of refrigerators. In short, fridge freezers are two-in-one appliances. Sourced with high technological sophisticated cooling systems, fridge freezers keep the food items afresh. Moreover, they help us to store the leftover food of a day and thence save the food items from spoilage. If you believe it or not, they are great contributions in a world where food resources are becoming scarce.


Several companies are encaged in the manufacturing of fridge freezers. Especially in the United Kingdom, there are manifold brands. Some of them are Zanussi, Whirlpool, SMEG, Neff, Miele, Samsung, LG, Lec, Indesit, Beko, Bosch, Belling, Electrolux, AEG and Baumatic.


SMEG is one among them. It is a well appreciated brand in Europe and the UK. Based in Guastalla, Italy, SMEG was founded in 1948. Founder of SMEG is Vittorio Bertazzoni. It is still a family owned company; one of the few family owned companies.  SMEG is the abbreviation of “Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla.” SMEG started as an enameling company. Later in 1950s SMEG started manufacturing “Retro” refrigerators, which made the beginning of a great company.


Apart from fridge freezers, there are many appliances, which are manufactured by SMEG. They include ovens, cookers, hobs, hoods, dishwashers, sinks, refrigerators, home gardens, fires, and washing machines. The fridge freezers of SMEG are unique in design, colour and style. Italian craftsmanship is exhibited in the fridge freezer models of SMEG. SMEG introduced the first ever retro fridge freezers in the world. Ever since then they are one of the leaders in cooling machine industry.


SMEG has many fridge freezer models. They now manufacture around 25 fridge freezers models. Some of the discontinued models are also available in the stores. They all come in three categories namely, Piano Design, 50’s Retro style, and Classic. There are 10 models under Piano Design category; 4 under 50’s Retro Style and 11 models under Classic Style. All the Piano Designs are elegant, strong and exclusive in style, with polished stainless steel surface. 50’s Retro Style combines modern technology with the old fashioned retro design. Classic are compact models with simple operation and design. All SMEG fridge freezers maintain the quality of function and style.


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