12 Volt Fridge

12 Volt Fridge

Is your household electric bill giving you a shock every month? Then you can opt for a 12 volt fridge. This type of fridge is suitable for a person living alone or for a couple. A 12 volt fridge is basically compact and small in size. They are portable and easy to carry. You don’t find freezers in this fridge. These kinds of fridges are of great use for those who travel a lot. If you have a caravan or a car you can run a 12 volt fridge inside it. You can use a 12 volt fridge for different purposes. You can use the 12 volt fridge as a camping fridge, car fridge or caravan fridge.


Fridges are a great asset in case you are planning for a campaign or a holiday. These little fridges can make a huge difference by accompanying you to your camping place. This fridge will definitely help to keep the food prepared by you fresh and keep the drinks cool during those hot summer days.


A 12 volt refrigerator is one of the most-used appliances in most people's RVs. Most of the RVs usually have a small kitchen inside them. So you can prepare your own food. Then what will you do about the left over food? A small fridge like the 12 volt refrigerator would be ideal for use a 12 volt fridge fro diff you to keep the left over food. Even if you don't do a lot of cooking inside the RV, you will always need to store food in the refrigerator to keep it cold or fresh.


The car fridges are quite convenient to use because they are small in size. So you can place it inside a car with ease. Usually these car fridges have a single door. Car fridges are available in different capacities. You can choose the capacity of a car fridge according to your need. The car fridge keeps your drinks and food fresh.
The biggest advantage is that the 12 volt fridges are less expensive. If you want to keep your usage of electricity down, they can be a good way to go. But you have to also keep in mind that if any damage occurs there are not as many places to service them. So if you run into trouble, probably you have to replace it. If you have searched online you can see that there are very few providers of 12 volt fridges. Some of the 12 volt fridges available in the market are:

  • 99DW3
  • RIR405W
  • 408BS

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