Black Fridge

black fridge

The colour that is getting popular in the kitchen world today is black. It indicates that style and elegance has begun to enter the kitchen. Consumers are now more concerned about the colour, size and look of the products they purchase. They prefer this colour because black colour provides a sophisticated and serious look to your kitchen.


You can see that in different cultures black represents different things. In most cases, the colour black is a symbol of authority and modesty. It is also considered as a sign of due respect. For example, in Japanese culture, black is a symbol of nobility, age and experience. Certainly, in the case of home appliances too the black colour provides elegance to the kitchen and earns that respect for you.


The best aspect about black is that it blends very well with stainless or any other colour. White coloured appliance is getting outdated in today’s cosmopolitan world as manufacturers are producing appliances having black appearance due to the increasing demand of the consumers. Most of the top kitchen appliance manufacturers offer a choice of black kitchen appliances, including refrigerators and freezers, cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.


You can also redesign your kitchen with black appliance depending on your budget because these appliances cost a little more than the white ones. You can also get black frames for your appliances. This is not available in all cases and it depends upon the appliances and the brand that you already own. However, there are certain disadvantages fro black coloured appliances. Black coloured appliances are difficult to clean and require more maintenance than other colours. Any sort of scratches on these appliances are easily visible more than lighter colours or white. Another disadvantage is that when one of an appliance pair needs replacing and that colour is no longer available, you'll have to settle for another appliance with a different colour or also replace the companion appliance. 


The brands which currently have black fridge models are AEG, Baumatic, Bosch, Electrolux, Hoover, Hotpoint, LG, Samsung, Siemens, Smeg and Whirlpool with exciting features and functions. Smeg FAB28LH Fridge, Smeg FAB28YNE Fridge, Whirlpool ARC103/1 ARC103/1/BL Fridge, Smeg FAB28RH Fridge, Hoover HFOE5485B Under Counter Fridge, Smeg FAB28QNE Retro Fridge, Baumatic RETRO12BL Fridge, Smeg FAB10NE Fridge, Samsung RR82WBBB1/XEU Tall Larder Fridge, Whirlpool AFB 601 BL are some of the black coloured fridges in the market. You can find these stylish black fridges on Compare Cheap’s product list. is an online shopping website that offers listings for all makes and types of fridges. We make it easy for you to find an affordable one on your washer dryer purchase. is an online shopping website in electric and home appliance products. The site has been designed to give the customer a great user experience. Not only does offer a comprehensive range of services, from helping customers to find the right product by comparing different brands and their features that too at a very affordable price.