Camping Fridge

camping fridge

Camping fridges are very essential and handy while going fro a campaign or a holiday. But the camping fridge is often overlooked by most of us when planning a camping holiday. These little fridges can make a huge difference to your camping. This fridge will definitely help to keep the food prepared by you fresh and keep the drinks cool during those hot summer days. Before you decide to buy a fridge you should know about the basic features and specifications available in a camping fridge.


Some important factors to look at when buying a fridge are:


The first thing you should ask your self is whether you need a camping fridge? Is it an unavoidable part for your camping trip? If you think that the fridge is unavoidable, then go for it. If it’s the other way around, it is better not to waste your money on some thing you are not going to need.  It will take up a lot of valuable space in the car and can prove a headache to lug around, especially when it comes to cleaning.


Size is an important factor while choosing a fridge. It is always better to opt for a small one instead of a large one. The smaller one is easier to move and carry around. It also consumes less power and gives maximum cooling effect. Even if your car battery is down for a few hours the fridge will remain cool for a long time.


12V fridges are ideal as you can plug them into your car or get a converter so they can run off the mains, some even come with built in mains converters. If you are going to be using the fridge from the car a lot then get a second battery fitted. What you don't want is a nice cool fridge but a nice dead car. If you follow these steps you should come away with the perfect fridge that is perfect for keeping the food and drinks cool and make your camping an enjoyable and tension free.


You can search online for camping fridges. This will help you to know the various brands and their features. You can also get an idea about the price range of these fridges. Beko MR52 Refrigerator and Neff K9514 Refrigerator are the most popular models in the market today. You can get various models of fridges suitable for camping from your nearest home appliance showrooms too. Or here to help you to find the most suitable fridge for you.


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