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cheap fridge

Are you in search of a fridge that suits your budget and doesn’t compromise on performance? If you have a look at the variety of fridges available in the showrooms today you will be surprised. The manufactures of refrigerators has brought out a wide range of models in fridges that is apt fro your lifestyle and needs. They come in different shape, size and colour. They are all priced at a reasonable rate. The price of the fridge varies according to the features you prefer to have in your fridge.


There are certain guidelines that you should consider before buying a fridge. These guidelines can help you to make a better choice while buying. When planning to buy a cheap fridge, the first aspect to look at is the size of the kitchen and where you are going to place the fridge. Then decide upon the height, depth and width you need for your fridge. This information will help you to determine the dimension of the fridge.


Then decide on the features you prefer to have in your fridge. Refrigerators with dropping defrosting system cost less then with No Frost system.  You should make sure that there are compartments for bottles, eggs and dairy products as well as storage space for keeping medicines. There are different types of fridges that include: Top mount fridge, Bottom mount fridge, Side by side fridge, French door fridge and Pigeon pair fridge. In this category Pigeon pair fridge is the most expensive. There are less expensive fridges available such as 12 volt fridge, compact fridge, small fridge, etc.


The next thing to consider is the style and colour of the fridge. These things can be determined based on the colour and feel of your kitchen. While choosing the colour of the fridge you must keep in mind that it has to compliment the total appearance of the kitchen. There are a wide variety of colours in fridges to choose from. In case of style, you can select a compact fridge, wide fridge, tall fridge or a larder fridge base on your need.


Finally, you need to look at the manufactures and the models present in the market today. AEG, BOSCH, CANDY, HOOVER, HOTPOINT, INDESIT, LG, MIELE, SERVIS, SMEG, WHIRLPOOL and ZANUSSI are the leading manufactures in fridges. Smeg FAB28YR Retro Style Fridge, Indesit INTSZ1611 Fridge, Electrolux ERN16310 Integrated Larder Fridge, Baumatic BWE40 Fridge, Liebherr CBNES3967 Biofresh Fridge, Candy CTSE5142W Fridge, Bosch KUR15A40GB Built-Under Integrated Fridge, Liebherr KT1434 Fridge, etc are some of the model present in the product list of that are less expensive.


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