Miele Fridges

miele fridges

The overbusy life calls for modern appliances. You must look for more comfortable appliances, if you are to make life relaxed and simple. Fridges are useful equipments. It stores food and protects it from being spoilt. Fruits, vegetables, wines, soft drinks, and ice creams will not loose their freshness even if they are kept for long days. They are comfortable and easy to use cooling appliances. When compared to fridge freezers, larder fridges save a lot of space. This is very convenient to use in small kitchens. Fridges also come in various colours. This helps to make your kitchen beautiful.


Nowadays, there are manifold firms which compete with each other and introduce the newest technology in the fridges. The major firms that sell their fridges in the UK are, Smeg, Miele, Samsung, Neff, Whirlpool, Zanussi, Electrolux, Lec, Candy, Beko and Hotpoint. The list does not end here. There are many other local and international brands. All of them try to pull in the customers to their fold by showing their technological might. The advancing sales of each company prove this fact.


Miele is one of the well known brands in the United Kingdom. It is founded by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann in 1899. "Immer Besser" or ”Forever Better” is the Miele’s motto. This shows the importance of improvement in Miele Company. Miele is one of those few family owned companies in the Europe. Miele make manifold home appliances such as tumble dryers, washing machines, washer dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, ovens, steam ovens, hoods, hobs, ironing instruments and coffee machines.

Miele has 22 models of fridges. Some of the models with their key definitions are given below.

  • Miele K12820SD- Net Capacity: 13.7 cu ft; Type: Tall Fridge; Colour: White
  • Miele K621UI- Net Capacity: 6.0 gross cu.ft; Type: Integrated larder fridge
  • Miele K621UI- Net Capacity: 1 5.5 cu.ft gross capacity; Type: Integrated larder fridge
  • Miele K12010S- Net Capacity: 5.3 cu ft; Type: Tall Fridge; Colour: White
  • Miele K 12820 SD ed- Net Capacity: 13.7 cubic ft; Type: Freestanding Tall Fridge; Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Miele K 9412 i- Net Capacity: 8.0 cubic ft Colour: White; Type: Integrated Tall Fridge
  • Miele K 12022 S- Net capacity: 4.7 cubic ft; Type: Freestanding Undercounter Fridge; Colour: White
  • Miele K 14820 SD ed- Net capacity: 13.8 cubic ft; Type: Freestanding Tall Fridge; Colour: Stainless Steel

The fridges of Miele are energy efficient. Miele has got vast consumer acceptance. They are elegant in style.


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