AEG Microwaves

aeg microwaves

Microwave ovens are integral part of a kitchen. The busy life schedule and the hectic work life have made it impossible to spend a long time in the kitchen. Therefore, the equipments like microwaves are a great help to all.


Getting a Microwave oven is no more a difficult job. There are many brands, with the best of the technologies, in the market. But what often confuses everyone is “which one to choose?” Yes, it is a tough decision. The companies are tugging people with best prices and better machines. In this tug of war, one of them will surely win. Which is that? It is the one, which suits your mindset. Therefore, do not go before best offers, and other stuffs, always get the microwaves that suits your mind.


One of the major brands which produce microwave ovens is AEG Electrolux. The history of AEG goes back to 1883 when it became the patented manufacturer of Edison’s Lamp in Germany. It was then named DEG. But after four years when the German Electric Works were commissioned, it changed its name to AEG, which is the abbreviation of 'Allgemeine Electricitäts Gesellschaft.'


AEG became a part of Electrolux in the year 2003. AEG Electrolux has its head office at Stockholm in Sweden. Being a part of Electrolux, AEG has grown undisputed with the slogan “Perfect in form and function.” Today AEG Electrolux stands proudly before its consumers who are performance oriented and sophisticated.


AEG was recognised best by Brigitte Communication Analysis in 2004 where majority of German women gave its vote to AEG-Electrolux. Moreover, AEG’s association with world’s best manufacturer, Electrolux, has taken it to far heights of glory.
The models and the key features of AEG-Electrolux microwaves are given below.

  • KB9810E-M- Compact Multifunction Microwave Oven.
  • KM 9800E-M- Compact Microwave Oven with grill.
  • MCD3880EM- Capacity: 38 litre (Huge); DUO microwave with grill; Built-in.
  • MCD2662EM- Capacity: 26 litre (Family sized); DUO microwave oven with grill; Built-in.
  • MCD1762EM- Capacity: 17 litre; DUO microwave oven with grill; Built-in.
  • MCC3880EM- Capacity: 38 litre (Huge); Built-in; Combi microwave.
  • MC2662EW- Capacity: 26 litre (Family sized); Built-in.
  • MC2662EM- Capacity: 26 litre (Family sized); Built-in.
  • MC2662EB- Capacity: 26 litre (Family sized); Built-in.
  • MC1762EM- Capacity17 litre; SOLO Microwave; Built-in.
  • MC1752EM- Capacity17 litre; SOLO Microwave; Built-in.

The price range of the above models is between £150.00 and £900.00.
As said earlier, it is difficult to choose one among the vast number of microwave ovens. You will never get the best model unless you have some one to guide you. That is why is for you. Here you can get consumer reviews, microwave model features, cheapest prices, etc. Await no more, go and grab it first!!!