Baumatic Microwaves

baumatic  microwaves

The microwaves or microwave ovens are machines used to cook, heat, and roast food items. They are a great help in kitchen. They reduce the time one spends in the kitchen and lessen the burden of the cooking chore. Microwave ovens use microwave radiations to cook and heat food. Hence, the oil used for roasting and frying can be reduced.


All major home appliance companies produce microwave ovens. The brands like, Baumatic, AEG, Samsung, Bosch, SMEG, Hobbs, etc, are very common in the United Kingdom. Here we are going to tell you about various details of Baumatic microwaves.


Baumatic Company


Baumaic Company was established in 1992 with the base at Berkshire in the United Kingdom. In this short period, Baumatic Company traveled heights to grab hearts of the consumers. Baumatic is the one among the few family-owned companies, with a presence over Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.
Baumatic boasts of its employees as the most gifted people in the world and it is they who designed the success of the company. The famous architect Alberto Solari is the product designer of the Baumatic appliances. There are lot more individuals who contribute the best of them to Baumatic.


Baumatic Microwaves


Baumatic microwaves are elegant and stylish. They are built and designed to suit the kitchens. Baumatic microwaves give a posh look to the kitchen. Baumatic Company claims that their microwave ovens are best in four ways- Beautiful; Functional; Safe and Environment Friendly; and Platinum Guaranteed.


Beautiful: The designs, the colours, and the finishing of Baumatic Microwaves are chosen and mingled to perfect your concepts about a beautiful kitchen.


Functional: Above all beauty and design, the performance of the microwave is important. The technological ingenious of Baumatic microwaves helps it to perform well.


Safe and Environment Friendly: Baumatic Microwaves are truly environment friendly.
Platinum Guaranteed: Baumatic Company offers 2 years full guarantee and additional 3 years guarantee for the parts.


Models and Features of Baumatic Microwaves


Baumatic Microwaves have several models and have a range of different functions, which includes grill, fan baking, grill and fan, and automatic reheat programs. The models include, P470SS; PMC355SS; PECM1SS; BD696SS; PD3SS; PD4SS; POM9651SS; BMC253SS; BMM174SS; BMM201SS; BTM17.3SS; BTM23.1SS; BTM23.2M; BTM25.1SS; BTM25.2M; and BTM30SS. The cheapest prices of the above models, range between, £80.00 and £700.


There is nothing bad about Baumatic microwaves. They are good in design, function and performance. All the consumers are happy with what they have in Baumatic microwaves.


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