Black Microwave Oven

black microwave oven

The colour of the microwave does matter while buying a microwave oven to your kitchen. The colour of your kitchen interiors and the microwave oven should match well to give your kitchen an attractive look. Does it confuse you when you see so many colours of microwaves? Obviously, it does!!! It is quite common!!! Above all you will have lot of advisors. Some will say white is good, some others black, some others pink, and they will go on. But you need to think rightly because you are the one who is going to use your kitchen and ultimately it should be your taste that wins.


Often people think black as unmatchable and bad colour. It is not the real fact. Black is supposed to have great advantage over any other colours. They match with any type of interiors and give a splendid setup.


In olden days, most of the home appliances had only one colour- Black. That was because the purpose for buying the appliances was to use it, not for beauty. Moreover, mixing of colours was not common at that time. That is why there were many black coloured televisions and other black colour equipments. For sometime, people started disliking black colour equipments because it became prosaic. But now the trend has changed slowly. The number of customers choosing the black colour microwave ovens and other appliances has increased.


Black colour has an elegant display. They are spotted easily in all kinds of interiors. When the black microwaves are lighted with halogen lamps inside, they look awesome. Black colour microwaves are more attractive when kept in light colour interiors. It is nothing else, but the contrasting colours which does the magic for you.


Because of the changing trend, with the turn of this century, many manufacturers have started cranking up the production of black microwaves. The major companies like, AEG Microwaves, Belling Microwaves, Candy Microwaves, Electrolux Microwaves, Neff Microwaves, Samsung Microwaves, Siemens Microwaves, Stoves Microwaves, Whirlpool Microwaves, etc have come up with high-end black coloured microwaves. Now almost all the models of the microwave ovens have pure black colour option.


Some of the high-end models of black microwave available in UK are,  Miele H5080BMBL Microwave Oven; Miele DG5080bl Integrated Steam Oven - Black; Miele DG5060bl Integrated Steam Oven; Miele H5040BMBL Microwave Combination Oven - Black; Neff C67M70S0GB Series 5 Integrated Microwave Combination Oven- Black; De-Dietrich DME795B Microwave Oven; and SMEG SC45MCNE2 Linear 1000W Microwave Oven. Their prices range between £750.00 and £2000.00.


The low-end models of black microwave ovens, with prices between £50.00 and £500.00,  include, Sharp R269KM (Black) Microwave Oven; Sharp R269KM 22LTR Microwave Oven – Black; Panasonic NN-E225BBBPQ Microwave Oven – Black; Bosch HMT75M461B Freestanding Microwave – Black; Whirlpool Max 25 Microwave oven; Whirlpool Jet Saveur VT265 BL; etc.


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