Cheap Microwave

cheap microwave

Percy Spencer, while working with radars, discovered that microwave radiations have heating property. This made him think of an oven which can cook food using microwave radiations. In 1940, he invented the microwave oven. Raytheon, the company where he was an engineer, brought it to the shops christening it “Radarange.”


Although the microwave ovens got vast appreciation in the earlier stages, they did not stand out further because of high cost and bad cooking. The old microwaves were manually operated and hence the timing and temperature could not be adjusted in it for cooking. As a consequence, it gave out bilious fries and roasts. In short, the old microwave ovens never worth the price.


The modern cooking microwave ovens are now far better. They have digital controls and other features to make the cooking perfect. This bought back the demand it had in the olden days. Moreover, the microwave ovens are now cheaper than it was in the past.


There are several branded companies who are producing microwave ovens. Some of the well known brands are AEG-Electrolux, Bosch, Miele, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Electrolux, Candy, SMEG, Sharp, Whirlpool, etc. Apart from these brands, there are many local as well as international brands in the market.


As mentioned above, the prices of microwave ovens have come down because of the increasing competition. The companies are aiming to produce best microwave ovens with cheaper prices to capture the market. This has resulted in the development of cheaper technology with higher performing standards. Consequently, cheaper microwave ovens, which even a common man can afford, are produced.
Some cheaper models and brands of microwave ovens are,

Cheaper microwave ovens are advantageous when you have limited money source and less time to cook. The capacity and the features of the cheaper microwave ovens are very less than high end microwave ovens. If you have good source of income, it is good to buy a good microwave than going for a cheaper one.


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