Compact Microwave

compact microwave

Microwave radiations are active medium frequency electromagnetic waves. They travel in the speed of light and are non-ionizing radiations. The microwaves show various properties. One of the chief properties is the heating property. This property is used in the microwave ovens. The microwave radiations emitted to the food can heat the liquid and polarized molecules in the food faster. This helps the microwave ovens to heat and cook food quickly.


Microwave ovens are categorized into different types according to their functions. Microwave ovens are generally of four kinds Combination Microwave oven, Compact Microwave oven, Standard Microwave oven and Grill microwave oven. There are certain models like, SMEG Compact Combination Microwave Oven - S45MCX1, Baumatic PMC355ss Compact Combination Microwave Oven, etc. which combine the features of two or more categories. Here we are going to discuss about Compact Microwave Ovens.  


Compact microwave ovens are those microwave ovens which come in compact forms. That is it may have multi-functions and compact size. The advantage of having compact microwave oven is that it does not consume much space in the kitchen, plus it gives added cooking functions.


There are numerous models available for Compact microwave ovens. The compact microwave ovens are also combined with features of other categories of microwave ovens like, Grill microwave oven, Combination microwave oven, etc. The brands that manufacture and market Compact microwave ovens include AEG- Electrolux, Russell Hobbs, Miele, Baumatic, SMEG, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Candy, and so on. There are many more companies with vibrant models in the stores.


Some of the models of major Compact microwave oven brands are given below.

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