Convection Microwave

convection microwave

Convection Microwaves are the variants of conventional microwaves. It is a combination of standard microwave ovens and convection oven. The functions of convection microwaves are different from that of ordinary conventional and solo microwaves. They are technologically advanced and fast cooking microwaves.
Convection microwaves have heating methods other than the microwave technology. This helps it to cook faster than other microwave ovens. Moreover, they can make the food brown and crispy.


The convection microwave ovens, not only saves time, but also save energy. Most of the models are now made with energy optimising technologies. Also, most of the companies are trying their best to make it more environments friendly with high-end technologies.


Convection microwave ovens are usually costlier than other conventional microwave ovens. They come in various models. They differ in features and make. There is stainless steel convection microwaves, enamel coated microwaves and coloured convection microwaves. Some models have digital controls, while some others have manual controls. The value of the convection microwaves differ according to its features. For example, the stainless steel convection microwave ovens are costlier than enamel coated and coloured convection microwave ovens. Also the digital control microwaves are costlier than manual control ones.


The microwave manufacturing companies are working assiduously to add more features and technologies to the existing convection microwave models. The well known names like, Panasonic, Samsung, AEG, Hobs, Indesit, Miele, Neff, Hotpoint, Siemens, SMEG, etc have a strong presence in the United Kingdom. They have come up with various names to market their products. The names like “Speed-cook”, “Optima-wave” and “Advantium” are now common. All these names are used to denote the speed of cooking.


Some of the models of convection microwaves and their cheapest prices are given below,

  1. Panasonic NN-A554 Convection Microwave- £116.00 to £165.00
  2. Sharp R959SLM Convection Microwave- £166.00 to £199.00
  3. Whirlpool MAX 25 Convection Microwave- £41.00 to £110.00
  4. Swan SSM600 Convection Microwave- £35.00 to £98.00
  5. Russell Hobbs 13824 Convection Microwave- £95.00 to £97.00
  6. Sharp R86STM Convection Microwave- £144.00 to £200.00
  7. Zanussi ZNF31X Convection Microwave- £529.00 to £565.00
  8. Whirlpool AMW510IX Convection Microwave- £535.00 to £640.00
  9. Neff H5430 Convection Microwave- £260.00 to £423.00

Although, listed names are very few, there are many more models available in the market. Generally, the price range of the convection microwave ovens are between, £50.00 and £834.00.


Seeing all these variant models, you will be wondering, which is the model that you want to choose. It is difficult for you to go through all the websites of the companies and take an apt decision. Even if you do so, you may not end up in the right convection microwave oven. But if you have someone to guide you in buying the right convection microwave you can get the best. That is why we are here.


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